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Halla Slim Fit Dolman

As I was planning my fall and winter wardrobe I knew there was just 1 thing I REALLY needed. A Slim Fitting Dolman. I did actually consider ...

As I was planning my fall and winter wardrobe I knew there was just 1 thing I REALLY needed. A Slim Fitting Dolman. I did actually consider purchasing the Patterns for Pirates Sweet Tee. It was the exact silhouette I wanted. But my Capsule Wardrobe friends reminded me that Halla has a FREE Slim Fit Dolman. Well, when you compare free thing that you want to not free thing that you want, it is easy to try the free thing.

My measurements: 35 over bust, 38 full bust. 31 waist. 38 hip. I made the size 10/12 for my shoulders and 6/8 for my hips. This went AGAINST my usual size 6/8 that I use for Halla.

I removed 1 1/2" length at the thinnest part of the waist rather than removing 1/2" above the bust. Mostly so I didn't have to mess with the sleeve hole.

The first one I made was the "extra long tunic length" with short sleeves. Because Simply By Ti had just gotten in some beautiful double brushed poly, I knew exactly what I wanted. DBP all the things. I used the Niagra Double Brushed Poly (it is on sale for just $5 through September 4th, midnight) and the ivory floral that was a perfect match. In my failure to read, I didn't realize the tunic length was supposed to be "extra long tunic length". So what I got was a fabulous mini dress. I can wear it exactly as is for date night, or put some leggings under and wear it to lounge around the house. I used the hip band that was called for for my size 6/8 for this style. To get a better fit, I definitely need to size down one size as the band needs to sit more snug around my legs.

If you want TRUE tunic length, I suggest making a 10" long band (rather than 12") and cutting it about 1" shorter than the extra long tunic length.

My second version, I got to cut into this super gorgeous DBP Purple Floral. It is my #1 favorite of EVERYTHING in the shop. Firstly because it is purple. Secondly because it is DBP. I have big plans to make one of everything with this fabric. Leggings, dolmans, raglans, dresses. I'll need to find a way to wear it every day, LOL. Ok, maybe not. But definitely more things.

For the shirt version, I changed a few things. Firstly, I scooped out the neckline. There is NOTHING wrong with the original neckline. But I wanted something a bit more scooped.

Secondly, since I knew the "hip band" was going to sit on my high hip, I measured my high hip (34") and matched it up to the hip measurement on the chart. A 34" high hip, matched up to the size 0 hip band. So I used that hip band instead. That made sure the hip band was tight enough to not just hang there lifelessly.

Despite the name, this pattern did not create the "slim fit" dolman I was hoping for. I haven't decided yet whether I want to size down the shoulders and bust or just buy the sweet tee which is the silhouette that I wanted. Chances are I'll give it another shot (in a smaller size)

In an attempt to try to fill in my capsule wardrobe holes (you can see a chart of what I have and what I'm supposed to be making here) I knew I was supposed to focus on long sleeves. I broke the rules with the blue tunic length. But I got distracted by pretty fabric, LOL. My black and purple dolman filled a much needed hole.

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  1. I think dipping maybe 2 inches in back so the band doesn't interrupt your booty curve would make an A++ mini dress for you-it looks great as is though to be honest. And I adore the second outfit!


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