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5 out of 4 Ninja Leggings

When I was going back through my blog looking for some information about a pattern, I realized I had NEVER made a blog post about the 5 out ...

When I was going back through my blog looking for some information about a pattern, I realized I had NEVER made a blog post about the 5 out of 4 Ninja Leggings. I'm not sure how that is even possible. I swear I had blogged them. I LOVE them. How could I NOT blog them? Anyway, you can grab your own FREE copy by visiting the 5 out of 4 Pattern Group. (All the info is in the listing).

DISCLAIMER: I do not wear leggings as pants. That is my personal preference for how leggings should be worn on my body. I do not judge other people for wearing leggings as pants. These photos are intended to show fit ONLY. FURTHER, I do not normally wear this bra with this shirt. I try to avoid showing so much of my bra straps.

So anyway, more than 1/2  year late, my I love Ninja Pants blog post.

I've talked before about how I love 5 out of 4's drafting. They draft for a rectangle, athletic body type so it is really easy for me to work with their patterns. Don't get me wrong, they do draft for 5'8" tall. Which makes my puny 5'1" tall body NOT fit their patterns. But I'd rather deal with a length issue than adjusting shoulders.

Based on their sizing chart, I am exactly in between an XS in hips and S. I went with the small because my waist measurement fit into that size. I'm glad I did, because my larger quads and calves needed the extra room.

The pattern includes the finished length measurements for the long length. I knew that my preferred leggings length is 28" (but that is when worn). I probably should have measured a pair of leggings that I like the length of, but I was feeling lazy. And mostly I wanted to get my leggings done, NOW, so I could move on to more fun projects. I removed 2" from the leggings length from the "lengthen/shorten" line. I probably could have made the ankle length and gotten the right length without adjustments. But, shortening at the lengthen/shorten line is the CORRECT way to fit this.

The Ninja Leggings are DEFINITELY different from the P4P Peg Legs. There is less negative ease and so I did not feel the need to size up. If I was going to make pegs in DBP, I'd probably size up 2 sizes. While the Peg legs includes a crotch gusset as an add on, the Ninja's include the gusset as part of the pattern. The Gusset means I get ZERO camel toe. That means I could probably break my "leggings are not pants" rule. But I'd still feel more comfortable in pants, versus leggings.

The Ninjas have a shaped waistband and 4 rise lengths (maternity, low, mid, high). I made the mid rise which just barely hits my belly button. I might make the high rise next to wear in the winter to keep my belly warm. All in all, when making comfy leggings, this is the pattern I choose.

Now, let's take a second and talk fabric. This is the Black Double Brushed Poly from Simply By Ti. At 200GSM it is a great leggings weight, INCLUDING for wearing leggings as pants.

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