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Rad Patterns Embrace Tee

I received the Rad Patterns Guernica  AND Rad Patterns Embrace Tee  for FREE in exchange for my Sew Long Summer blog post. This is NOT part ...

I received the Rad Patterns Guernica AND Rad Patterns Embrace Tee for FREE in exchange for my Sew Long Summer blog post. This is NOT part of the Sew Long Summer Series. All opinions remain my own.

When I reached out to Stephanie of Rad Patterns about adding a sleeve to the Guernica Romper she reassured me that any of her sleeved patterns would work. So I had my choice of patterns to choose from. I picked the Embrace Tee. I already have many similar tops to what she has so it was difficult to choose.

My measurements are 35 over bust. 38 full bust. 31 waist. 38 full hip. That put me in a solid Medium for shoulders and bust and Small for hips. I blended from the medium underbust to the small hip.

I did my usual adjustments of removing 1/2" above the bust and 1" at the waist. I removed the same 1/2" from the sleeve cap.

The sleeve is asymmetrical, and removing from the sleeve cap and blending the lines can make things a little wonky. It really would be better to match the sleeve to a smaller armscye and copy that onto the pattern. But I prefer my method because... I have no good reason.

After making all of my adjustments, I put together this Embrace Tee. Over all the fit is good. All the pieces went together properly and there was nothing to note of interest.

As far as fit goes, HOLY BOOBS! My husband approves. I would be more comfortable if the neckline was about 1" higher. There are 2 reasons why my neckline is so low. #1- I need a deep bust adjustment so the fabric is pulling down to try to make more space in the length. #2- I used cotton lycra. A softer stretch fabric may have fit a bit more smoothly and stretched to not cause so much distortion.

All in all though, a good pattern. Even if only to get the armscye and sleeve!

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