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Hey June Key Largo

I loved being able to share a great pattern with you last week AND a fabric sale. Who doesn't love knowing that you can pair x fabric wi...

I loved being able to share a great pattern with you last week AND a fabric sale. Who doesn't love knowing that you can pair x fabric with y pattern and get perfect results? So, we're doing it again. Only this time, better. Because I've got a special discount from Hey June AND a Fabric Sale. Be sure to read to the end of the post for the discount code.

This week I'm talking all about stretch wovens and the Hey June Key Largo.

Up first fabric for this project. The Hey June Key Largo says you need a lightweight woven. I have to admit, I don't like silky wovens. They're a PITA to sew AND they tend to become static-y in our dry climate. No one likes static. It doesn't feel good to wear and it doesn't look good. That leaves cotton fabrics. Simply By Ti has 2 woven fabrics that will work great for this top.

First up is our stretch cotton poplin. Our cotton poplin has a nice crisp hand. Which might make you think that it isn't a great fabric for this project. I agree that it may not give you a great shape for the hemmed version. But if you're planning on making the knot, you don't have to worry about the hand/drape of the fabric. Simply By Ti has 6 stretch poplin fabrics (black is not pictured) that would work perfectly for the Hey June Key Largo!

I actually bought the Hey June Key Largo specifically to make a top with the Simply By Ti Stretch Chambray. So of course it was a perfect fit.

So from Thursday, September 14th at 11pm through Saturday, September 16th at 10am all Simply By Ti Fabrics that are perfect for the Key Largo will be on sale for just $5 a yard! Yes, $5. Make sure you stock up.

Now let's finally get down to the actually pattern review!

My measurements are Over bust 35. Full Bust 38. Waist 31. Full Hip 38. The size chart clearly says, if you are between sizes, size up. So that put me clearly in a straight size 8. (35.5 over bust. 38 hip). I followed the pattern exactly with ZERO adjustments at first.
When I made my Hey June Charleston I remembered clearly that I didn't do ANY length adjustments and was REALLY happy with the fit.
The bust was just a smidge small. I expected that since the bust measurement for this garment would have been for a 37.5" bust (just 1/2 short of my bust). But the stretch from the fabric made up the difference. 
After trying on my muslin, I knew one thing was REALLY important. My high hip (compared to my full hip), is very small across the front. And to prevent the "tent" look, I needed to take the side seams in. I removed 3" total along the bottom sweep. The pattern includes the hem sweep measurement, so it is very easy to decide whether you like the amount of ease in the sweep.
Everything on this pattern went together perfectly. It includes a large enough seam allowance to do french seams on the shoulder and side seams if you would prefer. You also get 2 different neck binding options. Between the different front views (bias, straight with center seam and straight without) and 2 neck trims and 2 hems (hemmed or ties) you have 12 different options.
All of my complaints about this pattern are only in wanting more options! I would love a slim fit long sleeve to transition this into winter. I have plans for moving the center front tie to a side tie for an alternative view. And if you already own the Williamette, I would put the dolman sleeve onto this pattern!

Special thanks to Hey June for offering our readers a coupon code! Use our code to get 15% off your very own copy of the Hey June Key Largo. Use code: KEYLARGO15

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