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Rad Patterns Guernica Dress

I received the  Rad Patterns Guernica  AND  Rad Patterns Embrace Tee  for FREE in exchange for my Sew Long Summer blog post. This is NOT par...

I received the Rad Patterns Guernica AND Rad Patterns Embrace Tee for FREE in exchange for my Sew Long Summer blog post. This is NOT part of the Sew Long Summer Series. All opinions remain my own.

When the Rad Patterns Guernica first released I felt ambivalent. I couldn't decide if this was a style that would be flattering on me or something I would actually wear. My biggest concern was that the loose waist would create a "tenting" look from how the fabric hung from my boobs.

I am SO glad I was wrong. This certainly isn't my most slimming look. But it doesn't look bad either. And let me tell you, it is COMFY. I could live in this, forever.

I made a size medium shoulder and bust blended to a small hip. I removed 1/2" length above the bust. 1" length at the waist. I removed 2" from the skirt and made the "mini" length (what can I say, I'm short!).

Everything went together really easily and fast.

I regret not making the pockets, because pockets. But I worried that this Simply By Ti Rayon Spandex wouldn't be able to handle pockets. I realize now I'm wrong for 2 reasons. Reason #1- I don't put "things" in my pockets. Reason #2- pockets give me a place to put my hands when I'm feeling awkward (basically like all day every day). So don't skip the pockets, ever.

My complaint, which isn't a real complaint, but I want to say it anyway. The skirt pieces have a curved outseam. Well, I don't have a curved outseam. So, if you look at how the fabric looks here with the wind blowing up my skirt(clearly for example purposes, not style) you can see how the fabric sort of poofs out away from my body. I am straight up and down from high hip to knee. So, on my next go around, straight seams, not curved seams on my skirts. And if you're curvy, then you're all set. 😀

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