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Duchess and Hare Love Potion #9

When I signed up for the Duchess and Hare blog tour it took me all of about 5 minutes to pick a pattern. Sure, she has some great patterns...

When I signed up for the Duchess and Hare blog tour it took me all of about 5 minutes to pick a pattern. Sure, she has some great patterns, but when I saw Love Pattern #9 my eyes went just like this. 😍

When I showed my girls the line drawings, the youngest said yes and the other two said no. <psh> Whatever. I made one for my youngest, but was in a half asleep daze and forgot to trim off the out seam on the back leg pattern piece. I ended up with a HUGE flyaway leg. Whoops. Important lesson learned. If you're sewing late at night, double check your pattern pieces! That said, it is her new favorite outfit, so what do I know?

But, the second my two older girls saw the romper, they said, "I want that!" What happened to "That looks like its for babies?" I don't know. But since I messed up the first one, I knew I had to make another anyway.

This pattern is super fun and has a lot of different options. There are 3 necklines, 2 rompers, a dress and super amazing wings. Despite all the options the sewing is actually really fast.

I picked the sweetheart neckline with the straight leg shorts romper. DD2 falls in the size 5 for width, but 6 for length. Out of pure laziness, I made the straight size 6. The fit was good, except the back was gapping. Whick only makes sense, since she doesn’t in that bodice size. So, I made yet another and used the elastic for the size 5. The fit was perfect. If you’re inbetween sizes, you may be able to just use the larger or small elastic to make up for the fit.

The shorts crotch seam is nice and roomy and makes a beautiful "u" shape when you put the front and back inseams together. (I have a photo of this somewhere, but couldn't find it for this post). You might wonder why this is important. When it comes to loose fit rompers, you can be pretty lenient with the crotch curve. But the designer wasn't. There is still distinct front and back crotch curves with a beautiful smooth line. This leads me to believe the other patterns will be just as carefully drafted.

I still owe my big girl a romper. And hopefully I get to it before summer is over. My only regret is that this style doesn’t really work for adults. It looks cute and my girls tell me it is comfy to wear!

I love a good blog tour. And a tour with prizes is even better. Be sure you enter to win below.

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