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A harder than usual pattern test, AKA The Fall Tunic by Nap Time Creations.

Let me start out by saying that sewing for adults is HARD. Women (and men too) are not simple shapes the way kids are. They require fitting...

Let me start out by saying that sewing for adults is HARD. Women (and men too) are not simple shapes the way kids are. They require fitting and fidgeting and blah. It is hard work. It is why I put off learning to fit myself for a LONG time.

But then, I realized I was missing out on all the fun. So, I dived head first into learning to fit my own body.

Now, let me point out, I don’t have the least bit idea how to fit someone else’s body. I could probably muddle through it, but yeah, headache. But I’ve learned SO much about fitting myself over the last few months and so when Emily over at Nap Time Creations was looking for pattern testers for her new Fall Tunic Pattern, I was up for the challenge.

The Fall Tunic is NOT a quick 1 hour sew. It isn’t even a 2 hour sew. This pattern has a real collar, stand, cuffs and sleeve and neckline plackets. Don’t get me wrong, I have TONS of sewing experience, it wasn’t impossible to do. It was just very tedious and careful work.

Due to time constraints, I sewed up 4 versions of this thing and still don't have a finished version!. Round 1, a set of old sheets. Fit was meh.

Round 2. Sized down and added full bust adjustment. Improved but not perfect, yet.

 Round 3. Started working on this using some $1/yard blue poly/rayon fabric I scored at walmart. Epic fail. My fabric was shredding the more I sewed. How frustrating. It was nearly finished before I quit.

Round 4. I sewed this up in an inexpensive pink zebra flannel. It is so soft and cozy. Even though it has a few tiny mistakes, I’d still wear it around the house.

I haven’t gotten to round 5. The pattern had a few little changes made to it (like moving the sleeve placket to the back of the pattern piece (WOOPS)) and I want to sew up my real version. But like I said, this pattern will take a LONG time (3+ hours). Hopefully I’ll be able to update soon!

Details. SO many details.
Learning opportunity. Unless you have a LOT of experience doing plackets, these are going to slow you down, but you’ll feel like a superhero when you’re done.

Tedious. I love a quick, 1 hour sew. Instant gratification. This is NOT instant gratification.


This pattern is amazing. When you get done, you’ll look at it and think, “I did that.” And you’ll want to shout it to everyone, “I made this.” But don’t, because people will think you’re crazy, LOL.

Pattern is on sale through September 29, 2015 for just $5! You can't beat that.
You can get your copy here:

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