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Lil Luxe Starlight City Dress

I've been eyeing the Lil Luxe Starlight City Dress for a VERY long time. That twist back is SO super sexy. But I'd never used Lil L...

I've been eyeing the Lil Luxe Starlight City Dress for a VERY long time. That twist back is SO super sexy. But I'd never used Lil Luxe Patterns before. And honestly, I didn't know if I could rock a dress like that. (Yes, even I have insecurities).

But, after making a super awesome (and very similar silhouette) 1 Puddle Lane Miss Ruby Tuesday, I was willing to take the plunge. So I purchased the pattern and got to work.

For starters, I found this pattern's size chart to be a bit unexpected. The size chart has consistent steps in all sizes for bust and waist. But the two smallest sizes only have single inch increments. That threw me off. But other than that, I noticed a very important thing. This designer drafts for a rectangle to inverted triangle body shape. Yes, you heard that right. The size chart consistently has a larger bust than hip and the waist is only 6" smaller than the bust. That isn't for a perfect inverted triangle, but it is a big change from my usual 9-10" difference patterns.

For myself, I used the size medium bust and hip and sized down to the size small waist. I NEVER have to size down my waist so that left me feeling a little flattered. I realize size is just a number and has ZERO value, but it made me happy anyway.

This pattern includes a "petite", regular and tall bodice. Due to the cross back, it is REALLY important to get the crossover just right, so this was a nice feature. HOWEVER, I found that while they shortened the bodice, they didn't shorten the armscye. So I ended up adding 1/2" to the height of the amrscye to make sure my sleeve was tight enough. I of course also removed 1/2" from the sleeve cap to fit the sleeve into the armscye.

Blending the size of the back from medium bust to small waist was a little tricky. The pattern is drafted to step up sizes starting from one corner. Which means that the pattern shifts over the amount required for the waist all to one side. To solve this problem, I figured out the center of the pattern piece. I cut the pattern piece in half. Shifted over the waist as necessary and then flipped and mirrored the pattern piece so that it would again be a full pattern piece. Not complicated but I don't know that a new seamstress would be comfortable making that adjustment.

I blended the small waist up to the medium hip. I wish the pattern had included where the hip line was supposed to be, but this was still relatively easy.

I knew I didn't want my dress to hit below my knees, so I cut my skirt at the highest "petite" cut line. This gave me this knee length dress.

As I was cutting into this Simply By Ti ITY, I was a little nervous. While I know my fabrics and know what I offer, I had been listening to people complain about how their ITY was sort of sheer. Cue panic. What if I hadn't bought the ITY I meant to buy? What if my ITY was sheer? What if no one wanted to buy this fabric? So let me allay your AND my fears. I am wearing a BRIGHT fuchsia bra under here. The bodice is fully lined. However, while my panties are neutral (I had to change them out to cover up panty lines), my pink ones didn't show through either... <WHEW!> Not all ITY is nice and opaque, but this one definitely is!

I have to admit, I freaking LOVE this dress. I feel sexy and sassy and also fully covered! I don't have to worry about my bra showing or flashing anyone with a too short skirt. I fully intend to make the gathered skirt version too. I may just do pleats instead of gathers (I haven't decided) but I need more of these, because they're so flattering.

My one complaint is that this dress doesn't offer a sleeveless option. But, it would be easy enough to bring the armscye up if you want to make this a sleeveless dress. Just use the burrito roll method and you can finish the armscyes with the fully lined bodice. Just be very careful as you're folding it all up and in, because that twist back is a little tricky.

I will admit, there are a LOT of photos today. Why? Because I just feel so good in this dress!

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