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Pollywoggles Autumn Grace Dress

I want to thank Pollywoggles for giving me a copy of the Autumn Grace for this review. All opinions remain my own. Read down to the bo...

I want to thank Pollywoggles for giving me a copy of the Autumn Grace for this review. All opinions remain my own. Read down to the bottom for a coupon code for $2 off the Autumn Grace.

Here in the Northeastern United States fall is here. Sure it was 70 degrees last week, but that was most definitely some sort of crazy fluke. And fall means fleece weather. Fleece pants, fleece hoodies and yes, fleece lined leggings. Fleece keeps you cozy and warm. When most people think fleece, they think, warm, cozy, and not too stylish. They're wrong! Enter the Pollywoggles Autumn Grace Fleece Dress.

So yes, this could be a ho hum no muss no fuss dress. DD2 is wearing a simple one in a great Tinkerbell Fabric. She loves it and actually slept in it last night. So yes, think pajamas. Think snuggly warm Christmas morning pajamas.

Ah, but think more upscale and you can have DD1's dress. Just fancy enough to not be considered jammies. Definitely out of the house worthy and it has just enough twirl for those girls who won't wear it if it doesn't twirl!

But even this simple dress can wow you. I did the tiniest little mod and came up with this split collar. I simply measured the entire neckline, added in .75" for 3/8" seam allowance and 1" for over lap. Cut 2 rectangles that length by 4 1/2" and got this super cute split collar. Now don't get me wrong, I think the wow factor is in the fabric. When I saw it online at Joann's, I knew I had to have it. I've actually sewn up 2 things for myself from it as well as this dress. The scraps aren't going to go to waste either. It is super vibrant and just screams "It may be cold, but you can still be fabulous." At least that's what I hear anyway. ;)

I'm so glad that we got outside with the leaves for these photos. With a pattern name like "Autumn Grace" I knew it had to be autumn themed and what says autumn like leaves? I got lucky that the sun was just right and the kids were cooperating and ended up with TONS of usable photos. That almost never happens. I took just over 1 hundred photos this time (I normally shoot about 100-200 per kid) and got well over 50 good photos. That's like photography magic.

The simplicity of this pattern lends itself to simple (or more complex) hacks. I very nearly put a henley placket on this dress. But I can definitely use a break from plackets. Or what about a zip up pull over collar (those have been on my sewing table a lot lately too)? Cowl neck? Funnel hood? Ruffled lace sleeve and dress hems? And Applique, don't forget applique. This pattern is a blank canvas just looking for you to make your mark.

The pattern pieces fit together perfectly. The Autumn Grace comes in sizes 1-10. I sewed up sizes 7, 5 and 3 and found the fit to be spot on.The tutorial includes instructions for either a regular banded collar, sleeves and hem OR a wrapped band which cuts down on the bulky seams. I used the wrapped band and found it to be both professional looking and not really more time consuming than the standard band installation.

Use the code: FLEECEFUN to save $2 on the Autumn Grace by Pollywoggles.

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