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40 Garments in 40 Days Layers

Remember how I promised you a second round of Sudokus? Well, I lied. Ok, It wasn't quite a lie. When I said it, I meant it. But then I r...

Remember how I promised you a second round of Sudokus? Well, I lied. Ok, It wasn't quite a lie. When I said it, I meant it. But then I realized that if I kept going at the rate I was, I was never going to be able to show you all the layering pieces my daughter has available to her. So today I present to you an entire post on layers. Please note that these are NOT layers I sewed up in the last few weeks. Not even I am THAT crazy. These are layers that we had in our wardrobe from this past winter or better yet, the previous winter (sometimes you get lucky!). These are not crisp clean garments straight off my machine, so please excuse any wrinkles, or weirdness. Please note they may also be garments from BEFORE I started blogging. Chances are the quality isn't something I would normally share but I wanted to share these with you. Partially because I think my entire series is lacking in layers and partially because I didn't want to revamp my entire series to include a bunch of layers when I already had contacted designers to let them know they were included in the series!

So 40 Garments in 40 Days Layers!

So of course your kid doesn't need THIS many layers. My kid also doesn't need this many layers. Apparently, I went on a whole "sew all the layers" spree and didn't fully realize what I was doing. This is the story of my life. I just keep sewing things until I get bored. Then I pick something completed different to binge sew. You might consider it a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. But I'm ok with it. :)

Without further ado, I present to you layers:

5 out of 4 K2 Pull Over: If you're a regular reader, you recognize this one already. I  have an entire blog post on it here. This one is a real favorite around here and a definite easy to wear layer. And how can you not love it when it looks THIS cool?!

Bella's Sunshine Designs Gabriella CoatDo you remember this coat from this past winter? Its still a HUGE hit here. It isn't practical the way it is now, but I could see this in a light corduroy and simple woven lining. No need to reinvent the wheel!

 EYMM Asymmetrical HoodieTruth? This is from 2 Christmas's ago! Sometimes you get really REALLY lucky. This is not a fast sew, but it does look amazing when it is done! Knowing what I know now, I bet wonder tape would make the final parts sew up super easy.
Hey June HatterasYou've already seen one version of this one in week 2. And I LOVE that one. Because I'm probably a gluten for punishment, I share with you a second version WITH a zipper placket. Please note that the zipper placket is NOT included in the pattern instructions, but it was a simple hack to the pattern and allows me to have a half zip hoodie. And I like that very much! The best part about this photo though is of course the little sister photo bomb. I couldn't have scripted this better if I tried. :D

Love Notions Origami TunicTruth, this actually isn't in the pattern. But the Adult Origami Tunic DOES include a cardigan option. It requires you to add a bunch of fabric to the center front. #1- I didn't want to figure out how much to add and #2, I'm lazy, so instead I just added a curved edge to the center front, and cut the front pattern NOT on the fold. Unlike the other layers, this one is purely decorative and not for warmth. But it is still a layer, so it goes in this group. I knew when I grabbed this yellow rayon/lycra that it was meant to be a cardigan. It was soft and drapey and fun. And it coordinated with my SLPCO Ayda from last week. This is just pure love. <3

Max And Meena All Ears HoodieDid you see this one when I first posted it? I have to admit my daughter LOVE LOVE LOVES this one. Even I love it. Its fuzzy and warm and leopard! I will be sad when she outgrows it. But you know I will definitely be making the next larger size, and the one after that. I know that I fit into the size 16 that the pattern is drafted for, so I'll sew these until she doesn't want another!

Peek A Boo Great Outdoors Reversible Vest: I can't believe I never blogged this one! The fact that this vest is reversible gives it an amazing amount of value in a capsule. Wear one side out for 1 look and then flip it and get another. You can use zippers OR snaps and with a collar, detachable or attached hood. If I remember correctly, I didn't really follow the directions on this one. But the fit is good and the sizing was spot on.

Puperita Camosaurus: This was actually one of the projects I finished up this last weekend and you can see a sneaky peek of it in my Messed Up Monday post this week where we talked about wonder tape. I was given this pattern in exchange for including it in this review. When I was going through sewing up this pattern I noticed two errors in the instructions/pattern pieces. 1 error was that the pattern didn't tell you to cut 4 pocket pieces, only 2. The other was that the pocket placement marks on the front pattern piece did not match up with the instructions for the pattern. Neither error effects the ability of the pattern pieces to match up, but apparently no one had noticed it before. BUT, here's the awesome part. Annalisa of Puperita was totally receptive to my concerns and worked on fixing the pattern right away! So, if you have bought the pattern in the past, you can get a revised version. And if you haven't bought it before, you can rest assured that it is all corrected. :)

As for the actual sewing. I sewed this up in Polyurethane Laminate from my stash to make a rain jacket. The pattern calls for a ribbing for the wrist and waist bands. Because it was intended to be a rain jacket, I used the PUL for those bands. My PUL didn't stretch much, so I double checked my daughter's measurements before I went ahead with the pattern as drafted. The arm and waist cuffs had plenty of ease included, so I pleated the jacket into place to fit with the waist band.

Serger Pepper One Cardigan: This is actually a sew from LAST summer. But it has definitely served us well. It has a nice loose fit which means you'll be able to get lots of layers under and extend the wear on it. According to the pattern, I could probably wear the largest size. I keep meaning to try it and then I get distracted by other things.

Terra's Treasures Seville Cropped CardiganI REALLY love this one. I especially love it because you can get it for free by joining the Terra's Treasures PDF Group. Good free patterns are like all my readers winning a giveaway. This pattern is like a cropped version of the Mouse House Creations Julia. My daughter actually inherited a MUCH too small Julia (I wasn't paying attention and my 1" square was off). She loves it even though it is a touch big. I'm happy to sew one that is closer to the right size for her. She can save the other one until she's older, like maybe 12.

I sewed this one up over the weekend too. I grabbed my best loved cotton/lycra and whipped this up during an episode of Survivor. Pattern pieces went together fast and easy. One REALLY big note here. The pattern is marked with GRAIN line not STRETCH direction. Don't mix them up when cutting your fabric. :)

And let's not forget coupon codes and giveaways!
Hey June has decided to extend our coupon code through March 20! Use coupon code: hatteraslove to save 20% off the Hatteras pattern.
Use the coupon code from the Terra's Treasures Facebook Group to get the Seville Cropped Cardigan for free.

And of course our rafflecopter:

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  1. I'd like to try the Max&Meena Yacht tee. Love your version of the All Ears hoodie. I missed the boat on making any of those this year and hoodie season is pretty much over, but I expect we'll need several next winter!

  2. I would love to win the maxaloones pattern.

  3. I loved the All Ears Hoodie and I also just made the Pick a Pocket Romper. I'd like one of the dresses!!!!

  4. The 5 of4 pullover is a keeper! Made one for hubby last year and he loves it!
    Just want to say: You are quite an impressive seamstress!
    Also, I like how the raffle copter is on this page instead of opening in a new page ;-)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I would like to sew the Yacht Tee. Really enjoyed reading your reviews :)

  7. I really need to make the Max Joggers. Lots of diaper wearing babies and they are so cute.

  8. Hi Ti!
    I'd love to see you in a OneCardigan: I had a tester sewing it for herself and results were just stunning!
    You can see it here: (please ask to join, if you can't see thr picture, is Serger Pepper Patterns FB group, which I own, where you can share your beautiful girl's OneCardigan too!)
    Thank you so much and congrats for your challenge: you rocked it!

    1. Thanks Irene. I'll be sure to add myself to the facebook group.

  9. I'd like to try the Max Joggers! :)

  10. I'd like to try the Max Joggers! :)

  11. I have the Maxaloones pants, currently sewing some up for my smallest fry actually :) after seeing your all ears hoodie that would be what I would want to win. I think all three of my kidlets would love a hoodie with ears! My son especially loves hoodies and actually needs some layering options...oooooh I can feel a boy layer sewing binge coming on!

    1. Nearly all of these are great for boys! Just change up the fabric and you'd be set. :)

  12. My daughter would love me to make the maritime dress. It's the perfect style for her! Thank you. Kristen R


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