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Adding a Patch Front Pocket to Pants

If you're here looking for the final installment of 40 garments in 40 days, I'm going to have to disappoint you. You'll have to ...

If you're here looking for the final installment of 40 garments in 40 days, I'm going to have to disappoint you. You'll have to wait for next week. But I promise it'll be great!

Today we're going to talk about adding a patch pocket to a pair of pants. For this tutorial I am using the FREE pattern pieces available from the Max and Meena Facebook Group. Once you've joined the group, the Pocket Guide is in the Files. I'll wait while you do that now.

All done? Great. Now the thing I like best about this pattern piece is that it has layers. And I LOVE layers, especially when you have what looks like 15 million curved lines smashed into a tiny space AND you're printing in black and white. I'm pretty sure that using layers is saving my eyes for when I'm older. ;)

Now you'll see there are just 2 pattern pieces. Today we only need the one with the curved cut out because we're going to make patch front pockets.

For simplicity, I'm using the Max and Meena Maxaloones because they have separate front and back pattern pieces. This CAN be done on a single piece pants pattern and I'll share with you how to do that next week. :)

I am using the size 1 maxaloones and the size 12-18 months pocket piece. Since these pants only come in 3 sizes, I had to guess at what size I wanted my pocket to be based on the pocket piece size. The size 1 is supposed to fit through age 3 years, but I felt the 3 year pocket was too big.

Since these super cute pants are going to a friend with a brand spanking new little baby, I decided not to do the full length waist and leg bands as I felt they'd completely engulf the little one. That is my personal preference and NOT a fault of the pattern. That is the only variations I did to the pattern.

Ok, on to the actual tutorial. You will need all of the Maxaloones pattern pieces cut out as directed in the pattern. You will also cut out either 2 pocket linings (the one with the curved edge) or 4 pocket linings if you want a double layer in the pocket. I opted for a single layer pocket with no finished edges. I like the way the edges start to curl after it has been washed and I'm not worried about functionality for a newborn's pocket. :)

Pocket Lining. Cut 2 or 4 (fully lined)

IF you want a completely finished pocket, you are going place 2 pocket lining pieces right sides together. Sew along the curved edges as indicated in the photo using a 1/4" seam allowance.. Turn pocket right side out and press. Repeat for second pocket. You may topstitch the shorter curved edge IF that is the look you want. This is not a necessary step but will make the pocket look more finished.

Before following ANY of the instructions in your pattern, place your 2 pockets wrong side to right side onto your FRONT pattern piece. You will line up the upper edge with the waist of the pants and the sides will line up with the sides of the pants. Use pins to hold these in place.

Topstiitch along the long curved edge.

Complete pants per tutorial instructions.

That's it. Now your pants have pockets. And what is cuter than tiny little pockets on babies? Nothing, that's what. :D Of course I'll get you pics of these pants on a baby with a full review of the Maxaloones next week. :)

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