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Jennuine Designs Lol Swing Top

I am so happy to get back on track with my Summer Friday series even if the weather isn't even really spring. I have received a copy of ...

I am so happy to get back on track with my Summer Friday series even if the weather isn't even really spring. I have received a copy of the Jennuine Designs Lol Swing Top in exchange for this review. I have also received fabric from Imagine Gnats for this review. As always, my opinions remain my own. :)

Today I have something quite a bit different from my usual quick and dirty sews. Today I have the Jennuine Designs LOL Swing Top. The LOL Swing Top comes in sizes newborn through 12 and can be sewn with woven or knit fabric.

For my review, I have sewn up a size 5t for my 5 year old daughter. I used this gorgeous fabric from Imagine Gnats and I will talk about the fabric here first. I used the Chambray Union in Indigo and was pleasantly surprised with this fabric. Take a really good look at the close up of this fabric on the Imagine Gnats webpage. When you do, you'll see the tiny little primary color specks in this fabric. The stock photo does NOT do it justice. I couldn't get a close enough photo that could show off the dots. Those dots take the fabric from plain to fabulous and I just love the way they catch the light. This chambray is heavier weight than the soft chambray I got from Cali fabrics. So if you're looking for a really light weight chambray, this isn't the one for you. However, the drape on this is AMAZING and despite the heavier weight still looks soft and flowy which is just what this pattern needs. Also, the weight is good enough that you don't have to worry about lining this at all, so definitely a great choice for this specific pattern. I've got quite a bit left, so you'll be seeing it again.

Back to the pattern. As I was saying the LOL Swing Top is NOT one of my quick and dirty sews. This pattern has beautifully enclosed seams with the yoke and uses very tiny bias tape to finish off the neckline and armholes. The pattern includes 2 separate sets of instructions. One for woven fabrics and one for knits. It even discusses the "right" way to apply bias tape (and the cheater way). I love that there are proper finishing techniques on this pattern. The attention to detail really shows. And if the tutorial is not clear enough, there are several videos to help walk you through the different steps.

I want to stop and talk about the armholes for a minute. My biggest complaint with most woven sleeveless tops is that the armhole does not come close enough in to the body. The pattern gapes and as a mom, that doesn't make me very happy. This pattern does NOT gape at the armholes or the neckline. The body pulls in close and then has an amazing sweep for the skirt. Despite the really big racerback, the entire armhole holds tight to the body without being restrictive. No GAPING!
The skirt is just the right length too. It is not quite a full tunic length, but it has good coverage and feels like a great length for wearing with leggings. The little button at the neckline is perfect for getting a close fit, but also making it possible for little ones to dress themselves without too much trouble if you use a snap.
This version came out so amazingly beautiful and I really love it, but it definitely was not a fast sew. Getting all that bias to sit just right was more labor intensive than I'm used to.

When I make this pattern again, I'd probably cheat and do the knit version, since there is far less detail work that goes into knits (as opposed to the perfect bias on the woven). That said, the drape on the woven version is just beautiful and I have always loved the look of the back. I couldn't find a single complaint about this pattern aside from it being time intensive. You definitely won't churn one of these out in an hour, but in this case, the longer sew is worth the investment.

And of course, it wouldn't be a review without a good coupon code! Use coupon code: sewingbyti to get 20% off the entire Jennuine Designs Shop (excluding bundles).

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  1. This is beautiful in chambray. I thought I saw a rumor that she intends to do a women's version of this pattern, and I want to make myself one just like this!

  2. Thanks so much for a thorough review! And Sarah, I do indeed have plans for a women's version. I have one thing in line ahead of that and then I'm all over a Ladies' LOL!


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