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New Horizons Key West (girls)

I'm BACK! And it feels oh so good. As part of my I'm back celebration I've got a great week planned for you. I wanted to be sure...

I'm BACK! And it feels oh so good. As part of my I'm back celebration I've got a great week planned for you. I wanted to be sure that everything I sewed this week you could too. So join me in celebrating being back at my machines (and computer too), with every pattern a FREE pattern available from the designer.

Today I'm talking about the New Horizons Key West (for girls). Let's get to it. :) To get your coupon code, you will need to join the New Horizons Designs Facebook Group

When I printed out the New Horizons Key West, I immediately saw something wasn't quite right. The shoulder seams on the racerback version didn't match up at the seam allowance. This is a pretty common drafting error. I drew in my seam allowance, took a picture and immediately contacted Terra of New Horizons.

I have worked with Terra before and she's usually very receptive, but I was actually impressed. Within an hour of me presenting the problem, she had already fixed the pattern and updated on her site. THAT is service! That said, I'm sure it just so happened I caught her during "business hours" and not when she had any number of children asking for snacks or needing some other thing that kids always need when you're working, LOL. There was also a minor error with the pocket with the instructions having 1 hem allowance and the pattern piece having another. That was fixed quickly too.

So, if you downloaded the pattern BEFORE Wednesday, July 6th at 5:30 pm Mountain Standard Time you can go download the updated version. #FTW

Ok, so now the pattern is all good (at least for things I could fix). So this pattern is drafted in such a way that the "sweep" of the hem is taken from the sides, not eased from the center. If you want to know more about that, you can read it here at 7 Pine Designs. This is not necessarily a drafting error as there is plenty of ease in the pattern. It just means that the side hems tend to poke out to the sides or drape into a triangle like a hankerchief hem. Not technically wrong just a style choice.

I went exactly by size for this pattern for my daughter and ended up in a size 5. When I first looked at it, I thought it would be entirely too thin. She was on the border between 2 sizes and I think next time i may size up. The fit is quite good and I like where the racerback comes along the shoulder blade. The length is perfect for her as a tunic length which is exactly what she needed since all she wears are leggings. It is just long enough for butt coverage but short enough for park play. Win/win.

As a free pattern, the Key West doesn't offer too many options. You have regular or racerback. Crop top or top length. And, you have a cute little pocket. Normally I cheat out on pockets because I realize they aren't really functional. But when I paired these 2 fabrics together (both from Purple Seamstress), I knew that the bindings would be fabulous and it would all pull together so much better with a pocket. So I did the pocket. It went together fast, easy and looks great.

Next time, I may put some hem tape in the pocket as I don't like how there is a tiny bit of puling on the pocket top stitching, but it isn't a big deal, AT ALL.

Overall, a good pattern that is great for a quick sew (and you know I love quick sews). If I've inspired you to sew a version, and you share it on facebook, I'd love to be tagged back so I can see your creations too! Come back tomorrow for another FREE Pattern Review.

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  1. Very, very cute! I've been looking for some quick patterns for play clothes, so I'm going to give this one a try! Thank you for your review, and I'm so glad you're back in action!


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