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5 Berries Jessica Girls Twirl Skirt with Urban Rag Trader

Do you remember last week when I was talking about how I failed  Urban Rag Trader  by not sewing up something incredible with their fabric....

Do you remember last week when I was talking about how I failed Urban Rag Trader by not sewing up something incredible with their fabric. Maybe you missed it, so feel free to go back and look at my post with the Jocole Quick Dress.

While I received both this pattern and this fabric free for review, all opinions remain my own.

So I'm back, trying to redeem myself and I think I did a really good job!

My pattern for today is the Jessica Girls Twirl Skirt by 5 Berries. This pattern is a pretty straight forward one. 2 rectangles for the skirt, 2 rectangles for the ruffle and add some elastic. The pattern only includes a list of measurements for cutting out rectangles. It walks you through which parts of the skirt to finish, where to line things up, etc. Super simple.

Now, perhaps I missed it (although I did reread the pattern 4 times), but I didn't see a chart for the elastic measurement. Please tell me I'm wrong? I did send a message to the designer, I just haven't heard back yet.

So I totally guessed the elastic size without remeasuring my daughter. And fail. I made it too big. Whoops. So these photos include a safety pin in the back to keep her skirt from falling down. I'll fix that another time.

Now, let's get back to the fabric. This fabric is PERFECT for this design. All of the cuts are made along the straight lines of the weave of the fabric. This does take a lot more time and precision than zooming along with a rotary cutter, but the results are worth it. Now the skirt and the ruffle are actually from the same fabric. This super cool Wonka's Double Sided Plaid was practically made for this pattern, with perfectly matching plaids on front and back.

And what's the best part? I actually got to photograph my daughter with a DOUBLE RAINBOW! Talk about lucky. And you can be lucky too, because, Urban Rag Trader has given me a coupon code to share with ALL of my readers. Use coupon code: SUMMERSUNFUN16 to save 15% off your entire order.

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