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Jocole Quickdress with Urban Rag Trader

Time and time again, I hear people raving about the Jocole Quick Dress . And in theory, it should be a great project for me. Quick is even i...

Time and time again, I hear people raving about the Jocole Quick Dress. And in theory, it should be a great project for me. Quick is even in the name, and we know I love quick!

But time and time again, I've tried to sew it and it was always "wrong" in some way. But I've learned a few things, so I thought I could figure this out. Turns out, I still don't know enough, but I'm getting REALLY close. And every time I make it I find just one more little thing to tweak. Since this was my first time making the Quickdress with my new body measurements, I had to start from scratch.

I technically fit straight into the size Medium by measurements (except the need for a full bust adjustment). I added in the perfect dart and did my muslin. Seemed ok, but I only muslined the top half. Probably should have done a round 2 with more test fabric. Brought the neckline in (the neck hole was too wide and was showing my bra straps), scooped the neckline down and cut out my good fabric.

I did TONS of length adjustments. 1/2" above the bust. 1" at the waist. 2" at the hip shorten/lengthen line and then 3" at the hem. That was still too long. So I took up another 5" to finally get this length. Problem #1, length, solved.

I tried to love the pattern as is. But the ease built into this pattern was MASSIVE and made me look like I had stick legs hanging out of a paper bag. Even with the nice soft drape of my fabric, it still wasn't good. This is NOT a failure of the pattern. This is
#1- A matter of preference for amounts of ease.
#2- The way different patterns look on different body shapes. 

But that is why we sew, right? Unfortunately, I had already cut my good fabric. :(

So, it was time to take drastic measures. I ended up bringing the entire pattern in 1 3/8" on each side at the bust and 2" on each side at the hem. Unfortunately, that didn't fix the shoulders at all. :( So, when I go to make this again (and I will try again), I'm going to start with the size small or x-small shoulder and blend to the XS at the hip. Keep in mind, that I'm still going to add in that bust dart. It really helps the fabric go around my bust, rather than just hang off the apex.

Now, I want to talk about the fabric here for a minute. I actually feel awful right now. Urban Rag Trader gave me this fabric to make something amazing. And this, well this is just "ok". BUT, I can still talk up this fabric, and of course, they are pretty awesome.

So, this is the Wonka's Double Sided Plaid fabric from Urban Rag Trader. I have been eyeing this fabric for a while now. I saw it this past spring, but I couldn't come up with any ideas for it. It is soft and light. Breathable and bright. And as much as I hate lining up stripes, I knew lining up plaids would make me crazy. So the quick dress really is the right project for it. It would be very easy to line up the side plaids if you're making a straight size, as the front and back are the same pattern pieces. However, I had to add a dart, so I knew I couldn't line up any side seams. So, no need to work too hard on this one.

If you are feeling masochistic, this would make an AMAZING button up shirt. For 2 reasons I didn't make a button up. 1, I don't wear button ups. 2, all that plaid matching. o.O

I'm very thankful that my project left me enough fabric to redeem myself and show off this fabric to the best of its ability. You'll see that next week. And its a very good thing too, because Urban Rag Trader is offering my readers 15% off all purchases (excluding shipping) for the entire month of August! And I want at least a few of you to snag up this awesome fabric. Use coupon code: SUMMERSUNFUN16 to save 15% off all orders through August 31.

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  1. Nice one! I've been meaning to make the Quick Dress for ages, but I know I will need to adjust the pattern greatly. I'll have to get to it for my fall sewing though.

  2. That plaid is great! I am in love with all things plaid. I also need to do some adjustments to the Quick Dress pattern, but I still wore my first one (straight from the pattern with no adjustments at all) frequently, so I know it could only get better if I put in the work. What bothers you about the shoulder fit? It looks really good for a dolman shape from the pictures but I get the impression you're more particular about those details than I am. :p

    1. I've got gaping at the center front neckline, which says the shoulders are too wide. I also struggle to keep my bra straps from showing, so I know i need the neckline to come in even tighter. A smaller size will fix the gaping, but I still might need to tighten the neckline.

    2. Although I do admit, I'm probably being overly critical. This is definitely not any worse than you'd get in ready to wear. I just wanted it to be perfect, KWIM?

  3. I wanted to grab some of that fabric (and a couple of others!), but the coupon code isn't working. :-(

    1. I'm not having any luck with it either!

    2. the code is SUMMERSUNFUN16 I have tried it and it works. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  4. That's definitely a great project for a plaid.:D


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