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The Fall Wardrobe- Kids Lounge Edition

Do you remember my 40 Garments in 40 Days Series ? I did a horrible job organizing my series, so there is no easy to follow HTML (DOH). But ...

Do you remember my 40 Garments in 40 Days Series? I did a horrible job organizing my series, so there is no easy to follow HTML (DOH). But you can search "40 Garments" in the search box and get the ENTIRE series. But let me break it down for you. For 6 weeks, starting March 1st, I sewed my eldest daughter's ENTIRE spring/summer wardrobe, which was compromised of over 40 garments. Thankfully some of the items were things I had sewn before so I wasn't sewing all 40 garments in that time but the series ended up with like 49 garments or something, so it was a LOT of sewing. There was some serious hustle going on over here. AND I managed to keep my blog full of content to. Crazy, I know.

Well, I won't be doing that for fall. Not because I'm unwilling (although I'm thankful to not commit to something so big). It is actually because so much of what I sewed before still fits. #FTW! So yes, I will be filling in little gaps, but I won't have to sew all the things. And yes, I suspect that before we see spring again (perhaps in late April or mid May) I'll be filling in gaps again as she gets taller but that is a lot easier than filling it all in in one fell swoop.

So today, I'm sharing with you, my daughter's favorite patterns. For the record, this is NOT about my favorite patterns. This is 100% her picks. The ones she loves best and prefers. When it comes to kids it is 50% style and 50% comfort. Some kids are only comfortable in dresses. Some kids hate leggings. And some kids couldn't care less (sadly I don't have one of those, LOL).

So, if your kid is into lounge wear. Comfort and a little bit of girly twirl (but not too much). Then this might just be the pattern round up for you! And if your kid ISN'T into those things, then come back in a few days where I cover my middle daughter's "all leggings all the time" wardrobe. And if that isn't your daughter either, I've still got one more. If you have the "all the dresses, the more ruffles, twirl, princesses and glitter the better" kid, then you'll love the final round up post where I cover my youngest's wardrobe preferences.


Sew By Pattern Pieces Fun Tee is a slim fit tee with 2 sleeve lengths and 2 different sleeves. Regular and puff. Previously we had another favorite t-shirt pattern. But apparently, it is all about the puff sleeve, so this is our new favorite. She wants all her t-shirts to have puff sleeves. YES, I could have redrafted a puff sleeve for our favorite t-shirt. But why reinvent the wheel? I have this pattern. It is well drafted. I'll stick with the least amount of work. And that would be just printing this pattern in her size. This is my review of the Fun Tee.

Raglans of course are a huge love over here. My daughter pointed out that the ones she loves best are those that are color blocked. That left us 2 favorites. The KBSD Color Block Raglan and the Patterns for Pirates Jolly Roger Raglan. The Color Block Raglan has color block written right into the name. It has a fun triangle color block that can be used on the front or back of the pattern. I used it in the 40 garments series.

The P4P Jolly Roger Raglan is a favorite because it has multiple hem line options. She likes options, especially a bottom band because she likes her shirts longer. She also likes when I match the sleeves, neckband and bottom band for a nice pop of color. Thankfully raglans are fast and easy. So you can be sure there will be more in her future. You can see my version from the 40 garments series here.

Love Notions Origami Tunic is a fun tunic with a funky hankerchief hem. It includes 3 neckline variations (banded, turtleneck or cowl), and 4 sleeve lengths (sleeveless, short, 3/4 and long). This isn't the typical thing you might find in "lounge" wear but my daughter loves that this top twirls without all the frilly, ruffly dressiness of a dress. It is comfy, cozy and while she wears it with loose pants, I let her be her own person. I have a brief blurb about it in this blog post here, but I'm hoping to give it its own blog post soon. Special bonus. It just so happens that the Origami Tunic is the Featured Friday pattern, which means you can snag it for just $6! Grab both the girl's and women's version. They're worth it.


The Max and Meena All Ears Hoodie is SO fun. It comes in sizes Newborn-16/18. Last year when I made the 16/18 for my niece I tried it on and it fit me. That makes for an extra versatile pattern. I could have a different animal every year for my daughter, and we still wouldn't get them all. There are 13 different animals, 2 different types of hoods and 3 sleeve lengths. That makes 936 versions when you add in all the sizes. Or 78 versions if you only count the different versions but not different sizes. Either way, a lot of different hoodies. And of course it isn't a lounge wardrobe if there are no hoodies. You can see our 3 hoodies from last year here.

Hey June Hatteras has 3 views. A pull over hoodie, a sweatshirt and a zip up hoodie. Ironically, my daughter has declared that she hates zip up hoodies (can't be my kid) and only likes hoods on pull overs. I did of course also do a half zip pull over with a hood too. So of course that means we'll get a repeat of the Hatteras that I made in the 40 Garments in 40 Days Series.


Winter Wear Designs Aviators are our go to joggers. Yes, there are other joggers out there. But both my daughter and I simply LOVE the Aviators. I've blogged them no less than 4 times that I can tell. We have pairs in poly fleece, french terry, and jersey. We have pairs with no pockets. Pairs with front pockets. Pairs with back welt pockets and combinations of front and back pockets. I still need to tackle the cargo pocket and triangle cut out but for us, they're strictly decorative and my daughter isn't a "just for decoration" kind of girl. She is all about practicality. You can see her poly fleece version here and my french terry ones here (I'm actually wearing them right now). So no doubt, I'm sure she'll need another pair or two before winter comes. AND, if you love a good sale (who doesn't?) WWD is having their Back 2 School Sale and that means you can save up to 50% on their awesome pattern pack. OR save 33% off of any patterns that are in the bundle using the code: WWDB2S

The ONLY other pants she likes are the Bella Sunshine Designs Bow Tie Leggings. Now before you go sayings, "BUT THOSE ARE LEGGINGS", let me remind you that the Bow Tie Leggings includes a slim fit pant. They are fitted in the hip and then cut straight down to the ankle. Not too flared (she hates that) and not tight either. It is the perfect balance. I did review the leggings version here. And used the slim fit pants several times in my 40 Garments in 40 Days Series.


Pollywoggles Autumn Grace is a dress or tunic drafted for poly fleece. My daughter loves poly fleece. If it keeps her warm, then it is welcome in her wardrobe. This is the ONLY dress she doesn't mind wearing. She couldn't tell me why, only that it is her favorite. I love that there are so many options (hood, cowl and crew neck) and she loves that it is warm. Sounds like a win to me! I of course blogged it here.

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