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While everyone is thinking about back to school, here we are just trudging along like any of our other days. Homeschooling is a nice consist...

While everyone is thinking about back to school, here we are just trudging along like any of our other days. Homeschooling is a nice consistency in our lives. But that doesn't mean I'm not excited to sew as part of the EYMM Back to School Tour, Mom's Edition.

Perhaps you missed my big announcement last week (maybe you didn't). But I'm pregnant. YAY. It just so happens though, that I purged EVERY SINGLE piece of maternity clothing I had. Yeah, don't do that. Save them, just in case.

So here I am, wearing items I can (without stretching them out) and sewing like a mad woman, trying to make sure I don't have to leave my house naked or unstylish!

You all know, I have enough patterns to sew a different outfit for each day. What you may not know is that I tend to sew (and wear) the same things over and over again! And if you're a long time reader, you've seen my HUGE dolman tour.  If you haven't seen it, go ahead and click the link. You won't regret it.

When all was said and done I had 6 fabulous dolmans to wear. WOOT. Some of those fit ok (for now anyway). But I know i will need more to stay happy and stylish through this pregnancy.

One of the few dolmans that I didn't get a chance to sew was of course the EYMM Kymy Dolman. The EYMM Kymy Dolman has a built in maternity option, which means WAY less hacking for me! However, I'm in that weird stage where I'm too big for regular clothes and too small for maternity. CURSES. But I knew the Kymy would be the perfect pattern for this inbetween stage. It is the perfect "I don't want you to know I'm pregnant yet" shirt and the perfect "I just had a baby and I don't want people to see my soft stretched out belly" shirt and also the perfect "I'm pregnant and I can still wear what I like" shirt. Its all the perfect shirts in one.

And it just so happened that Joelle sewed up a french terry Kymy just last week. When I saw it, I knew exactly what I needed. I took some of my gorgeous French Terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics and away I went.

The maternity mod for the Kymy only involves ruching the side seam of the tunic length. Since I'm not quite big enough to need the full ruching, I made the straight tunic length. If I ever decide to, I can always ruche the side seam later.

Of course it is never enough to just sew a pattern as drafted, especially when the neckline is a boatneck. I don't wear boatnecks. AND, I had seen the new Mama Lea dolman from Made For Mermaids and well, I knew what I wanted. I wanted a nice new dolman with a gorgeous scoop back. I have to admit I've got a new thing for scoop backs. They provide extra air flow for those fabulous hormone related hot flashes and they look cute too. Yup, I knew exactly what to do. I used my Patterns for Pirates Boundless neckline and traced it onto the Kymy.

My new dolman is pretty nice. But I do have a few things I'll change next time.
#1- I've got some REALLY big folds of fabric pointing at my bust. If I'm going to use a French Terry again, I'll need to do a full bust adjustment.
#2- The big open neckline is nice, but it likes to slide around a bit. Next time I would add a small band across the back to help stop the sliding. Perhaps with some pretty bias tape or a contrasting fabric. It could even be fun to add in some faux gems to get a bit of sparkle.
#3- MAYBE blend in the side seam at the hip. I normally have to blend in the side seam, but I'm trying to predict what my body will look like in a few months and I'm cautiously optimistic that my hips will get a little wider, maybe.

As you can see, unless I actually pull the shirt over my belly, you can't tell whether I actually have a bump under there or not. And it is so super comfy to wear. With the nice low neckline and my large bust, I can actually pull the neckline down to nurse. Its an all around good, fast pattern (only 4 seams and 4 hems).

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  1. Beautiful! Kymy's Dolman is one of my favorites! Thanks for joining in the tour!

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  3. Love it Ti! Congratulations on the big announcement <3


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