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Sewing Resolutions

While everyone is making their "health" resolutions for the New Year, I'm over here thinking about how to go forward with my s...

While everyone is making their "health" resolutions for the New Year, I'm over here thinking about how to go forward with my sewing for 2017.

So here it goes.

This year I will:
- Complete at least 1 "complex" project per week. No more churning out 9 or 10 quick projects in a weekend. I will take the time to sew something that requires patience and precision. Fully lined coats and dresses. Pants with multiple pockets. Dresses and t-shirts with difficult color blocking (not just rectangles). Hand sewn buttons. Tricky facings and zippers. Slippery fabrics. They're all fair game. Its definitely time to up my skill game.

-Complete projects that help round out my capsule. That might include a simple black t-shirt or two but it will take into account my actual capsule and not just things that I'm drooling over.

-I will complete at least 1 project that is from a pattern that I have never sewn before but that is already in my stash, every month. Don't worry, I went through my stash. I have PLENTY of patterns in my stash to sew from.

-I will NOT purchase a pattern unless it is significantly different from my others AND I intend to use it right away. If that means passing up sales, then so be it.

-I will keep track of every yard of fabric I use this year. If for no other reason, than to know how much fabric to splurge on during Black Friday next year. ;)

That's it my friends. What are your sewing resolutions for the year?

(*images courtesy of Pixabay)

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  1. I tip my hat to you and your goal of one "complex" project a WEEK. Eek! Definitely, I want to carry over my goal from 2016 where my priority is to work on more thoughtful (in both style and usefulness) projects. I do think that the most I can expect from myself is one "complex" project a quarter. My patience is just not there right now and I want sewing to remain fun above all else. ;)

  2. I'm determined to start sewing regularly this year. Up to now I have been sewing only 2 garments a year for my girls birthday. Maybe I'll do an outfit for the first day of school if I can make space in the summer to sit down and do something. I think if I go from 2-4 outfits a year to 1-2 garments a month I'll be doing awesome. It is sad because I have a degree in fashion design, but I always found sewing weirdly stressful. I love the designing part and the shopping for fabric and trims even the cutting is fine, but when it comes to the actual sewing part my perfectionism ruins everything. I end up sewing the same seam 3 times because it wasn't exactly straight. I just have all these ideas that I want to see outside of my head so this year I'm going to become good friends with my sewing machines.


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