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Watcha Wearin' January- Winter Patterns

If you've been watching my Organics By Ti facebook page, you may have been thinking to yourself, "THOSE ARE NOT WINTER CLOTHES.&quo...

If you've been watching my Organics By Ti facebook page, you may have been thinking to yourself, "THOSE ARE NOT WINTER CLOTHES."

You're right. But the weather here in Wyoming is CRAZY! And when your weather swings by 80 degrees, well, then 40 degrees feels quite comfortable. I'm not talking go out with short sleeves, but it definitely says, a light jacket will be just right. No I am not crazy. You do eventually acclimate.

So yes, I wear sleeveless dresses with tights and a cardigan. I throw on a fleece jacket and boom, I'm out the door.

But let us not be deluded. You better believe when we get to 20's and below, I start feeling the icy shivers. So what clothes do I reach for?

Joggers! I love joggers. Warm happiness. And if it is really cold, you layer your joggers with leggings.

For joggers, I totally rock my Duck Butt Designs Plain Pants. I will say, the inseam on these bad boys is HUGE. So definitely do some shortening all along the length. But once you do, jogger heaven. I did NOT like the slim fit option, but in the grand scheme of things, they're free, so enjoy your plain pants.

Previously, I was wearing store bought leggings mostly. I buy them for like $4 at Walmart. Yes, I shop at Walmart, sometimes. But then I tried the 5 out of 4 Ninja Pants. Holy Crotch Curve Perfection! No camel toe, no slipping in the back. I NEVER readjust them during the day. Oh yes, I have perfect leggings. I even like the mid rise as they help keep my belly button warm. You start taking those things really seriously at -20 degrees!

And of course, my fleece lined Love Notions Sabrina Slims are pretty amazing too. Fuzzy warm on the inside. Super fly on the outside. They're good to about 20 degrees. Then I quit all the things.

Honestly, I don't find that jeans keep me very warm at these temps. But when all else fails and fashion is no longer an issue, I break out the poly fleece pants. The 5 out of 4 Pajama pants work great in poly fleece. Yes, they're baggy and a bit ridiculous if you plan on leaving the house, but who leaves the house at -20? Not me! And of course they have pockets. That makes them very practical for dragging around my phone all through the house. Unless you're like me and you forget you have pockets. And then you're searching the house for your phone when it is actually in your pocket, LOL.

Time to warm the top half. What have I got?

First up you need layers.

For a good basic t-shirt, the Sew By Pattern Pieces Fun Tee is
really good. All of my shoulder exercises bumped my over bust measurement into a new size range, so I'm up to the AU 12 C. The fit is great in the bust. I blend the side seam at the waist to the relaxed fit and then bring it back in to the slim fit hip. It hides my fluffy tummy but keeps the shirt looking slim fitting. And of course if you need to be hard core, opt for the wool interlock.

When the wind is blowing, I HATE when it blows up my shirt. It'll put a shiver into your bones! That's a great time for the Closet Case Patterns Nettie. Just be sure to put in the crotch snap. You aren't doing yourself any favors if you have to take your shirt off to go to the bathroom!

When I'm not thinking I need layers on top of layers on top of layers, I go with my old stand bys. Patterns for Pirates Slim Fit Raglan OR the Love Notions La Bella Donna in french terry or double brushed poly. In these fabrics I can be sure I'll stay cozy and warm. Plus, I can be pretty sure I can layer them with something else warm if I need to.

Ready to layer OVER your underlayers? This is where it gets fun but also crazy. Sometimes you still care that you look cute. That's cool. Sometimes, it is no holds barred put on all the layers. I'll call that 40 below with a 75 mph wind gust. I've got you covered on both ends.

Depending on your layer and the temperature you may need to go anywhere from light to heavy. I'm one of those people whose arms are always cold. So as much as I like the look of vests, they don't work for me. If Vests work for you, you may want to check out the Laela Jeyne Willa Outdoor Vest.

But that doesn't work for me. What does? For starters, I have some simple cardigans, like:

Peekaboo Pattern Shop Cambridge

Seamwork Elmira

Papercut Patterns Coppelia
These are my basic, cotton/lycra or french terry cardigans. They work when my layers are already warm-ish and it isn't too cold. It is "just enough". Plus they're still cute. YAY.

Next up are my Ok, its kind of cold right now.

First up is my RTW zip up hoodie. It is a fuzzy french terry with a fleece lining in the body and hood. That extra fleece adds extra warmness. I have one in gray and one in fuchsia. They're the ones I reach for first when I need to cover up quick and easy. If I ever decided to replicate these, I'd reach for the Patterns for Pirates Slim Fit Raglan. Lindsay of Doodle Number 5 did a great series in the Piccadilly Fabric BST & Sewing Lounge on changing a hoodie pattern to a zip up hoodie. Search for "front zipper" and it should get you her instructions.

New Horizons Harbor Hoodies. Warm fuzzy
goodness. I have 1 made in french terry and 1 in a single layer of poly fleece. The harbor hoodie is supposed to be lined, but I opted for single layers. That makes them warm without being too hot. Great layering options.

When things get real and it is too cold to even live (sometimes it seriously feels that way), I grab my Everything Your Mama Made and More Asymmetrical Hoodie. This is NOT an easy sew. But it is pretty impressive when you're done. This is actually the muslin I made like a million years ago. Its fuzzy, warm and cutesy with the snowman print. It doesn't really reflect my style, but with 2 layers of poly fleece, it keeps me warm. I seriously need to redo this one though. Snowmen is a bit too cutesy for my current style.

And of course, we've got even more inspiration for you all week (and month) long! So please check out my fellow bloggers for this week for more inspiration.

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Where are you going and what are you wearing this week? Don't forget to link up to register for a chance to win our huge prize pack!

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