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Patterns for Pirates Cross Back Me Hearties Dress

Did you read my post yesterday about buying LESS patterns ? You might be surprised to hear that I wrote it mostly to stop myself from buying...

Did you read my post yesterday about buying LESS patterns? You might be surprised to hear that I wrote it mostly to stop myself from buying two super cute patterns in the last 2 weeks!

Whew. But since I didn't buy the pattern I was wanting (Simple Life Pattern Company Knit Ayda) I knew I had to be ready with a hack ASAP! And honestly, I feel like this hardly even counts as a hack. So I'm sure you can do it too!

For my hack, I decided to use the Patterns for Pirates Me Hearties. I picked this dress because it was the most similar to the Knit Ayda AND I already owned it. It is a fitted bodice knit dress with circle skirt. When choosing to hack a pattern, you want to start with something as close to the original as possible. If I did NOT own a fitted bodice knit dress, then buying the Ayda would have been a better option.

Please note, this technique can be used with ANY fitted bodice with a solid back to make a cross over back.

To make the cross back bodice, you will need:
-back pattern piece
-french curve

Step one-
Draw out a back pattern piece.

Step two-
Draw the seam allowance on the shoulder. Extend the waist line out at least 2" past the fold line. Make a mark 2" past the fold line

Step three-
Using your french curve (OR free hand) connect a line from the shoulder seam allowance to the mark made at 2" past the fold line.

Your pattern piece is complete! Instead of cutting 1 on the fold, you will now cut 2 mirror back pieces.

For my dress, I opted to band the neckline. I simply stretched the band gently and applied to the neckline. If you want to be more precise, you can calculate the full distance of the entire neckline (front and cross two backs) and multiply by 85%. You could also apply FOE instead as directed in the pattern.

In order to add the skirt, you will want to cross over the back bodice until the fold lines match up. Then sew on the skirt per the pattern. I made the size 4 Me Hearties for my 4 yo. The lengths are perfect. I already knew she was at least 2 sizes smaller than the widths. Because of that, I opted to make a single tack stitch at the top part of the cross over for modesty. I also used one of the decorate stitches on my machine to tack down the front neckline band. She calls it her pearls. I call it a fail because they weren't even. But it was a nice try.

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