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Spring and Summer Sewing

I have an announcement to make! It is February 20th, and I do consider my winter wardrobe, COMPLETE. Those are famous last words, but I&...

I have an announcement to make! It is February 20th, and I do consider my winter wardrobe, COMPLETE. Those are famous last words, but I'm pretty sure I'm done.

The exciting news is that I can now get started on my Spring and Summer wardrobes! YAY!

As much as I love my "fly by the seam of my pants" creative process, it doesn't do a very good job of getting me from fabric to project to a completed wardrobe. So I'm actually going to create a flexible plan. A list of patterns that WILL be able to create a finished wardrobe that will gladly be mix and match.

You may be thinking that I could just move a bunch of my stuff from last year, into my pile for this year, but my body shape has completely changed in the last year and my bust size is easily 2" bigger with a larger overbust. I'm not sure how that happened, but it did. And there's no guarantee that my shape won't revert back either. So I'll keep the old clothes but definitely add in the new!

#1- Bralettes

I am totally digging the bralette craze. It isn't the cuteness factor either. I LOVE being able to wear a more relaxed bra under my clothes. #comfortisking However, the bralettes I have available right now are all pretty wild. And while other people might feel comfortable with it, I just don't think my leopard print bralette goes with everything. So I need to sew up at least 3 or 4 Rad Patterns Lucky Lingerie Bralettes. These will need to be mostly solids so that I can pair them easily with my other clothing. I especially love my bralette made in performance fabrics. Lining them with cotton lycra makes them super comfy, yet add support, so I don't need to add a 3rd layer of compression fabric.

#2- Shorts/capris, pants

Shorts. I definitely have the pants thing down from my winter sews, so I need to focus on shorts and capris.

Shorts style number 1: Pattern Emporium Hepburn Shorts. These are my go to woven shorts. I always use the elastic back option. The pleats in the front allow me to adjust easily for my ample quads.

Photo Credit
Shorts style number 2: Jocole Wide Leg Pants. I've owned this pattern since FOREVER. And I've never sewn anything aside from a few pairs of sleep shorts. It is a super comfy sew and I can see making at least 4 pair. 2 pairs each pant length and capri length and using both wovens and knits.

Photo Credit: 5 out of 4
Shorts style number 3: 5 out of 4 Zen Pants. With all the pocket and length options, I definitely could use at least 2 pairs of these, and definitely at least one in my favorite fuchsia french terry. That is definitely zen.

#3- Tops

Patterns for Pirates Free Spirit Tank is my go to loose swing style dress,
tunic and top. And you better believe I need a loose flowy fit to survive summer. And, this pattern even comes with a crop length, which is a style I'm wanting to try this year.

Patterns for Pirates Layer Me Up is my go to snug fitting top. With all the length options, I can easily whip up a stack of these and I definitely will.

Made for Mermaids Mama Claire. Between the
cross back and scoop back options I've made, I can guarantee I'll be making at least a few more of these.

#4- Dresses

I have refound my love for dresses this past winter and I can't wait to wear what I've already sewn up. But I'm sure I'll get the urge to sew up at least a few dresses, so I should have a plan!

I already have a stack of Hey June Handmade Charleston Dresses and I can't wait to make a stack more. I love the loose skirt with pockets and find the princess seams very flattering.

Image Credit: Made For Mermaids
My new favorite is the Made For Mermaids Mama Joy. The
pleated skirt is really flattering on my body shape and I LOVE a good maxi dress for summer. It doesn't have a sleeveless option, but I'm sure I can fix that easily.

And of course, I need a dress for my wovens. The Sisboom Angie is such an easy to sew and wear pattern that I'll definitely be grabbing this one again.

#5- Layers

It might be shocking to hear, but to survive the Wyoming summer, I will need both a few cardigans AND a light jacket. As soon as the sun starts to set, temperature plummit and our nights are often only about 50 degrees! We like to use those cool night temperatures to get outside (since there are basically no mosquitoes).

I purchased the Twig and Tale Ladies Pixie Coat with the intent of whipping up a great winter coat. Um, no, LOL. Life kept happening and ultimately, I wasn't willing to attempt a coat to get me through -40 degrees, so I bought a crazy hot pink winter coat and moved on. BUT, This would be a great light weight jacket. I'm thinking flannel and either a denim or corduroy in a pretty color. Just enough for a light spring jacket (or summer evening).

You already know my love of the Patterns for Pirates Cocoon Cardigan. I pair that thing with EVERYTHING. It is perfect in rayon spandex for summer sun coverage (the sun is brutal here).

I bet I'm missing things. What's on your sewing list?

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