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Sew Straight and Gather Uptown Downtown Dress, Take 2

I sewed the Sew Straight and Gather Uptown Downtown Dress last year and wasn't really in love. I struggled to get the fit right on my sh...

I sewed the Sew Straight and Gather Uptown Downtown Dress last year and wasn't really in love. I struggled to get the fit right on my shoulders and it just didn't look very good. But I was determined to give it another chance, because I knew that Simply By Ti had some amazing rayon spandex fabrics coming in that would make EPIC summer maxi dresses.

I just LOVE maxi dresses for summer. They're comfy, you can skip shaving your legs for a day or two (or a week... 😏) and no one would know. They don't blow up to your head and result in serious wardrobe malfunctions, and you don't have to remember to "act like a lady" so that you don't cause your own wardrobe malfunctions.

Now, I'm not sure if my fitting skills have just improved OR my new body measurements fit better into the Sew Straight and Gather size chart OR I just got lucky, but the shoulder fit on this dress is perfection. I did my usual 1/2" shortening above the bust, 2" fba (1" adjustment on the front pattern piece), and removed 1" from the shorten/lengthen line. 

I knew that my dress would end up too long, but I opted to leave the hem length alone and adjust with a deeper hem rather than shorten it at the bottom. I ended up doing a 2" hem. I do think the waistline still hits me a little low, so I'll shorten it an additional 1" next time and then only need a 1" hem.

I did find that the cap sleeve pattern piece fit perfectly into my shortened armhole. Not sure how that worked out, but I love the fit. Cap sleeves are great for rounding out otherwise very square shoulders.

I did the wider dress length skirt, but I feel like it falls a little too "square" from my underbust on the sides. I'll probably cut the width for the maxi skirt next time and have it pull in a little closer for my body.

I am definitely going to try the tank option and sleeveless options and will likely make at least 1 or two that have a lined bodice as I have a few more sheer fabrics that would do better as a lined dress. Overall, I could see myself living in this dress. And I may even take the time to make Mommy and Me Dresses for my 2 girls that like dresses.

All that aside, let's just check out this image for just a second. if you are trying to hide your huge arm muscles, never pose like this. 😉 Between my massive forearm, wide shoulders and bicep trying to sneak in there, just no.

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  1. don't try to hide your arm muscles - you look amazing!

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