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Its getting hot in here: Seamwork Osaka

Summer for me means hot. So hot, I take off all my clothes... Ok, just kidding. But... I have been doing the "Summer of No Pants.&...

Summer for me means hot. So hot, I take off all my clothes... Ok, just kidding. But...

I have been doing the "Summer of No Pants." In order to survive the heat AND my self imposed no pants rules, I needed skirts and dresses. But more importantly, I needed to meet my needs without buying a bunch of patterns. Because I can't tell you how many times I've had to talk myself out of a pattern. Especially since I already have a giant stack of patterns I haven't sewn before.

So, cute skirts and dresses from my massive pattern stash. As a long time member of Seamwork (affiliate link) I've gotten a LOT of their patterns. Very nearly all of them. But what I haven't done is sewn them all. So as I was trying to decide what to try next, I picked out the Seamwork Osaka.

The Seamwork patterns aren't meant to be super complex with a ton of options. The Osaka is a simple reversible true wrap skirt. There are front AND back darts to help with shaping. You make 2 reverse imaged copies of the skirt, stitch them together and turn them right sides out. Press, top stitch and add buttons. It actually goes together VERY quickly.

Because the pattern sits on the high hip rather than the natural waist, I knew I did not have to blend the waist size. I made a straight size 6. If anything, I could have blended the waist to the size 4 to get a more snug fit on my high hip.

Thanks to the finished measurement chart, I knew this skirt was already drafted to be short. I opted to take ZERO length out of the skirt. Normally I take out at least 2", so if you want a similar length, be sure to check the finished measurement chart.

Because this was my muslin, I actually made an identical inner and outer. I couldn't commit to 2 fabrics that I wanted to switch, so I just made them the same. I'm still debating what fabrics I might use next time. Until I find the perfect pairing, I probably won't make another. That said, this is a great pattern to use for a capsule as you can get 2 completely different looks from one garment.

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  1. I have this pattern and am hoping to make it soon so your comments are really helpful. I like your muslin and look forward to seeing what you do for your next one


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