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Handcrafted Halloween

I LOVE Halloween. Like, LOVE LOVE LOVE. The costumes, the parties and everyone decorating in their Halloween Best. And what is better than...

I LOVE Halloween.

Like, LOVE LOVE LOVE. The costumes, the parties and everyone decorating in their Halloween Best. And what is better than designing your own Halloween costume? Designing 3 super cute Halloween costumes!

I don't think my kids realize how much joy I get out of their costumes. I was all ready for something super spectacular. I mean, OVER THE TOP. And then they picked the Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 and 2. What?! Yeah, not so over the top. Just sort of, plain. But, you work with what you've got.

I used solid cotton/lycra from Purple Seamstress for these costumes as well as some felt from Joanns.

For the Cat in the Hat, I followed a free tutorial on line. Then I went simple and used the WWD EBTKS Pattern for the shirt and our tried and true Heidi and Finn All You Need Jammies lounge pants. Simple and tried and true. No fussy parts. Feel free to click through to their separate reviews.

Then came thing 1 and 2. Surprisingly, I didn't already have a full body pajama pattern. So I bought the KBSD Wrap Around Romper (affiliate link). I was worried that the size range (that only goes up to 4) wouldn't fit my 4 (nearly 5) year old. She is fairly tall for her age. But she ended up fitting just fine in the size 4. For extra safety, I used the "cloth diaper" cut line. I probably could have cut on the regular line, but better safe than sorry. My 3 year old fit just fine in the size 3.

I actually didn't love the Wrap Around Romper. I didn't hate it, don't get me wrong, but I likely won't sew up one of these as a gift. The pattern pieces for the body and sleeves has a funky pointy thing going on. It is a little hard to line up the front/back to the sleeves. That said, it absolutely worked for their costumes. It was great that the front panel is one solid piece, so perfect for inserting their applique. My husband used a lightbox to trace out the Think 1 and Thing 2 designs onto a piece of fabric. I was going to use just wonder under to fuse them together, but my iron tried to burn the first costume, so I ended up stitching them on. No big deal.

I put a zipper in the back of Thing 1's Costume. She didn't want anyone to think that a big kid like her would really wear something like this as a pajama (LOL). I used the shoulder snaps for Thing 2. They didn't quite line up, but it is likely that in my rush I didn't sew very carefully.

We attended an early Halloween Party the week before Halloween and I was able to get some amazing photos of the girls before the big event this Saturday. Below is my absolute favorite. I'm sure you can understand why.

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  1. super cute! If your kids change their minds about one-piece jammas I highly recommend the Kwik Sew ones. Also Jalie has one I'm trying this year. For some reason my kids love them- even the 11 year old.


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