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Optical Illusions and Choosing the Right Designs for YOU!

Let me start by saying that all photos in this post are from the same day. Aside from the 2-3 minutes it took to change my clothes, they wer...

Let me start by saying that all photos in this post are from the same day. Aside from the 2-3 minutes it took to change my clothes, they were pretty much at the same time.

So why today's post? Today's post is about optical illusions. We all look at sewing patterns and think, I like that style, it looks great on that person and think that if we sew it up, it will look great on us too! We are SO wrong. Unless you look exactly like the person in the photo, your pattern is going to fit and drape differently. Is that a bad thing, NOPE. But we need to be realistic about our expectations.

Also, styling matters! It matters more than you know. Whether it is a long necklace or a big infinity scarf, the key here is KNOW THYSELF!

So I'll start with the first photos and work my way down to the bottom.

Style 1 is the Jocole Pencil Skirt (on sale today, October 28) and the Nap Time Creations Long Sleeve Tee (free on craftsy). It includes a pair of fleece lined leggings (so warm), boots and a LONG necklace.

This look isn't bad, but it isn't great either (you'll see why at the end). Of course you can see my large bust (can't miss it), and there's a few wrinkles in the skirt, but over all it is like a B, instead of an A+.

Style 2, same style as above, but remove the necklace. Did you notice my bust get bigger?! o.O Oh boy. Obviously, this neckline isn't the right choice for me (I already knew this). I also look shorter. Let me remind you that I didn't do any crazy photo shopping. All the photos are taken on the same day, with the same camera on a tripod. All my daughter did was click the button to take the photos! So, why didn't this work for me? I have a large bust. That is a LOT of fabric on my upper chest. If I want to look smaller, I need less fabric between my neck and my upper chest.

Style 3, remember, SAME DAY. It is like I lost 10 lbs in the matter of minutes! This is by far my favorite RTW shirt. Let me point out the fit on this thing is horrible! Absolutely horrible (I'll show the bad fit in another post). But look how skinny I look. We all want to look skinnier. I'm an inverted triangle, so the key to emphasizing my waist is low necklines (it doesn't have to be scandalous). V-necks are better, but scoop necks work too. Also, do you see the design on the shirt? It makes me look like I have a waist! A real waist here people. I'm sure it comes as no surprise that after I wore this shirt 1 time, I went back to the store and bought 2 identical ones! I want to keep shirts like this in my rotation for a good long time! Please excuse the clenched fists. It was 50 degrees outside and I wasn't wearing sleeves... EEP!

So there you have it. It isn't enough to have good fit, the style has to be right for you. You have to work with the body you have, because you can't just get a substitute body. These photos will be used again on a post about fit, so get comfortable with them. They've absolutely taught me a lot about styling my own body.

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  1. This is a valuable lesson. How much of a role do you think the long to short sleeves made? Also, the red to black top?

    1. The only time I have a problem with sleeves is when I cut them as 1/2 sleeves. Then I look wider! I'll be doing a follow up post where I scoop the neckline of the Nap Time Creations Long Sleeve Tee. My bust will visibly shrink, just by changing the neckline. ;)

  2. We inverted triangles definitely have it the hardest when picking styles for clothing and our overall outfits! Who really wants to look like your boobs are even bigger than they are, right? Love this post.


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