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Winter Wear Designs Women's Aviator Pants Take 2

So I promised and now I deliver. Today's blog post has the Winter Wear Designs Women's Aviator Pants in a fabulous French Terry. ...

So I promised and now I deliver. Today's blog post has the Winter Wear Designs Women's Aviator Pants in a fabulous French Terry.

So before I talk about the pants, I want to talk about the french terry. I don't normally go on and on about fabric but you need to hear about this one. I bought this French Terry from Nature's Fabrics. I wouldn't normally pay more than maybe $8 a yard for french terry, but I needed some french terry and some wool and no one does wool like Nature's Fabrics. So I paid the higher price, even with my coupon code. And it was totally worth it!

This french terry is like butter. It is so soft with amazingly soft drape. It has some stretch horizontally but actually has more stretch vertically. I think that adds to its great drape. As I was working with this, I couldn't stop petting it, over and over. So silky. So soft.... <drool>

Ok, sorry. Sometimes I get distracted but these are so positively AMAZING. If you're looking for a really nice french terry, don't hesitate to buy it from Nature's Fabrics. (And they didn't even have to pay me to say it, LOL).

Ok, back to the pants. So if you remember correctly, I shared my muslin of the Women's Aviator Pants. They were wearable but not perfect. So I tweaked them a bit. I added 1" total across the front leg to give room for my quads (1/2" on each side). I added the greatest amount 1/2 way between the knee and crotch. I graded to zero at the knee and hip and used my french curve to smooth the lines. I also added 1/2" to the back rise. THAT was a mistake. My french terry had plenty of vertical stretch, so it didn't need any added to the rise. Whoops. But still wearable and it isn't likely anyone is going to be looking at the back rise anyway.

Now adding to the front leg was the right idea, but now that I've got the added in the front, it accentuates the fact that the back of my leg is basically nonexistent. So I'll likely take out about 1/2 of what I added for the front leg from the back leg and just smooth out the back. BUT you can see that those crazy pull lines that were running under my butt into the crotch line are now gone. No more crotch lines on the front either. AND AND AND, my side seam is perfectly vertical except where it hits at my waist. Whoops. I could take out 1/2" from the front pattern piece and add 1/2" to the back pattern piece to get the line straight, but the fit really is "good enough" AND since these aren't jeans and I'm not likely to be showing my waistband, I don't know if I'll bother. Might be a good idea before I cut into my stretch woven though since those will be less forgiving.

And here's a sneak peak to tomorrow's post, Winter Wear Designs Provence Coat. This coat is amazing AND tomorrow's post will give you a chance to win a FREE copy of the Winter Wear Designs Provence Coat. You won't want to miss this!

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