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Miss Ruby Tuesday-Tuesday

I love some good alliteration, and what is better than Miss Ruby Tuesday-Tuesday. Nothing, because the 1 Puddle Lane Miss Ruby Tuesday is o...

I love some good alliteration, and what is better than Miss Ruby Tuesday-Tuesday. Nothing, because the 1 Puddle Lane Miss Ruby Tuesday is one of my favorite patterns right now. You can tell because I've already blogged it, twice.

Here. and Here.

But the pattern is so awesome it deserve ANOTHER look. (and probably another and another and maybe another. ;) )

So today I've got not 1 but 2 dresses for you. Yes 2.

Dress #1, in a beautiful Liverpool fabric from Urban Rag Trader. Before I talk about the dress, I want to talk about the fabric.

Urban Rag Trader has been my little secret for the last few weeks. I heard about them from a coupon code from 5 out of 4 and HAD to try them out. I was even able to snag them as a sponsor for my post next week, so keep an eye out. This fabric is from the left overs of my sponsored post which you'll see next week. But I also picked up a pretty good sized stash of fabric too.

Now I admit I was really hesitant to buy fabric from them. It seemed too cheap. I was really worried the quality wouldn't be what I was hoping for. I'm so happy to say I was wrong. The fabric is beautiful and so well priced. When I ordered to test them out, I picked up a few liverpools, some jersey and a sweater knit. All have washed up well and worn beautifully. So #buyallthefabric.

Back to the dress. I REALLY wanted this fabric for a Miss Ruby Tuesday. However, this fabric really isn't meant for this pattern. I had plenty of horizontal stretch but not enough vertical. I even asked over at the 1pl studio facebook group. Ann advised me to extend the bodice some. I normally take fabric out of the length, so I THOUGHT that I'd just take less. I was wrong. :( I really did need to add about another 1/2" to the high bust. Darn. So my dress isn't perfect, but I learned a VERY important lesson. If you're going to do something with a fabric that ISN'T a recommended fabric, then be sure to muslin with a similar fabric first. Despite not having a perfect dress (do you see all the wrinkles everywhere?!), I'll probably still wear this. Its comfy and I just love the texture of the liverpool fabric.

Dress #2 is my WOW dress. I followed the pattern hack offered on the 1 Puddle Lane Blog and got this little piece of awesome. Can someone say hourglass?! Because you all can see above I am NOT an hourglass. But this dress makes me look like one. So pardon me while I make 6 more of these so I can have for every day of the week. Too much? Maybe. But I want to look and feel like this every day.

And the boots. OMG YES. I LOVE these boots. I just don't wear them enough. Wear the boots people!

Now of course now that I've got this hack under my belt, I want to go back and do the t-shirt hack, so I can then also make a cross over t-shirt because this pattern fits me like a glove. My whole summer wardrobe might be all Miss Ruby Tuesday. And that's alright with me. :)

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  1. Both of these are nice, Tibeca. Especially adore the royal blue liverpool fabric. Wow. I'd probably get a whole bolt of that one if I could afford it.

    1. Urban Ragz is so inexpensive, I bet you could afford a bolt. They run about $4-$4.75 a yard. Unfortunately they're all out of this beauty. ;) My only complaint is that it will fray. But that's what sergers are for.

  2. I adore the hour glass look one! Amazing! Wonder how it would look on a plus size chica??? Hmmmmmm

    1. Any dress that can make me look like an hourglass is a winner. I saw some gorgeous plus size versions in the 1PL facebook group. And there is a sale going on right now. ;)


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