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40 Garments in 40 Days Week 6

So you're probably all wondering why I delayed last weeks' final post in the series, 40 Garments in 40 Days. It wasn't JUST beca...

So you're probably all wondering why I delayed last weeks' final post in the series, 40 Garments in 40 Days. It wasn't JUST because I was seriously burned out and needed a break from this giant series. it was for a really great reason, so... This week on

we celebrate my daughter's 8th Birthday! I have to admit, I am using one of my daughter's birthday presents in the series. Is that cheating? If it is, I don't care. My blog, my rules. :D
Please excuse me while I get a little sentimental here. THIS is the face of 8 and I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. As my eldest, she changed my life forever and I'll always remember her when she was brand new and I was terrified that I had no clue what I was doing. Now don't mistake that for thinking that I know what I'm doing now. I'm still terrified, I just hide it better. :)
And I want to say, for all the world to see, this child is a joy to be around. She is the best big sister a little sister could ask for, even when her little sister is constantly photo bombing her. She is intelligent, inquisitive and eager to learn. She is far more patient than I could ever be, and really cares about other people. She will do amazing things one day. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post. :)
Today, on the last day of the series I have for you:

Up first, is the birthday dress, the Create Kids Couture Peyton. The CKC Peyton is supposed to be a hooded peasant dress. I had big dreams for this dress. But the more I planned it, the more I knew that to make it realistic to wear every day, I had to keep it simple. I'm feeling more than just a little bit sad that this really will be her last year wearing the Peyton (it only goes up to size 8). It was a super fast sew and a great way to show off this glittery fabric from the Michael Miller Fairy Frost line. I actually had intended on putting a bottom ruffle, but then I accidentally did a rolled hem on the bottom of the skirt. I opted to not add it in on top of that just out of laziness. I usually hate doing shirring, but for once my machine cooperated and the shirring went together super easily. I can honestly say this was one of my more favorite simple sews. All that glitter looks awesome and I'll definitely be framing this photo as her #8 birthday photo. I did opt to not include the hood since I thought it would interfere with the "elsa" vibe. Sometimes simple is better than complex.

Chances are you won't even recognize the Lilith's Sweater Dress because this isn't in the pattern (I know, not really fair). You see, when I reviewed this pattern last year, I added a band for DD1 to have a simple sweatshirt. I knew that I could do that again and have a really fun henley. I actually enjoyed sewing up the placket this time, thanks to wonder tape. It helped it look so nice and neat. Now I do want to point out, this raglan shirt has the sleeves cut on the fold. Does that effect the fit some? Sure. Do I care? Nope. Sometimes you need a really quick and dirty sew and I think that the pattern is worth the price, just to learn how to do the placket. Those plackets can be tricky, but they look REALLY fancy when you're done. For the sleeve I did some pleats and then eased those pleats onto the armband (which I also self drafted from my daughter's measurements). I even took the time to match up all those stripes (and I think it looks amazing).
You may recognize the Kids Versatility from my No Fear Series. I never did get it photographed on a person and this really is a super versatile pattern. It is simple enough to throw together a few sets in only an hour or two, which means you can cover your kids casual clothes (or pj's) for the summer with very little effort. I really like the way the fit of the tank hugs my daughter's shoulders and makes them look strong and muscular, rather than just too wide and pointy. It makes me think I really need to get around to sewing up one of these for me! And while these aren't your normal fit photos, I'm glad I could show how nice and high the armscye is WITHOUT being restrictive. I love how modest it is, while still being comfortable.

Last but not least is a repeat here on my blog, the Climbing the Willow Izzy Top. Sadly, my daughter declared that this top was a bit too babyish for her now that she's 8 (she'd only been 8 a few hours, but apparently, you grow up fast once you're 8). I don't think its too babyish, but I want her to love her clothes. It still fits well into her entire wardrobe, so I'll try to convince her to wear it at least once more.

All in all, I've had WELL over my 40 promised garments. There has been so much good stuff, but the real important thing I've gotten out of this is NOT to commit to 40 garments next year, LOL. I definitely started running out of steam towards the end. But its been a fun time and I hope you were able to get a feel for what it looks like to throw something like this together.

Of course I've got coupon codes and a rafflecopter for you. :)

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And I've got 2 more patterns for you to register to win. Good luck!

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  1. We've had a mostly princess-free household so far, but last month we went to a birthday party where the little girl was given an Elsa dress, so now my daughters have asked several times for Elsa dresses of their own.
    Enjoyed this series, thanks. :)

  2. I love these outfits! And happy birthday to your daughter! My favorite process is Belle.

  3. My daughter was really in to Elsa for a while, but has recently shifted her allegiance to Cinderella (I think it's the twirl factor of the dresses).

  4. We are Sofia the First or Ariel fans around here.

  5. While she still loves both Elsa and Anna, my 3 year old recently discovered Rapunzal and has taken a huge liking to her :)

  6. Well, my kid is almost 30 :-) but my grandlovebug has lived most of her two years in Anaheim, so a trip to the "park" is a trip to Disney lol therefore, she knows ALL of the princesses up close and personal, and at 2 y.o. it's really hard to pin her down to just one princess lol
    Having said that, this Oma's favorite princess is AnaElsa. That's is one word, just ask anyone in the 4 and under crowd! They are the authority on princesses ya know! ;-)

  7. My 4 year old's favourite princesses are Princess Odette (Swan Lake Ballet), and Belle. My 7 year old's favourite princesses are Ariel and Rapunzel. My favourite princesses are Belle and Merida.

  8. My girls love Elsa, Ariel, and "Bapunzel"

  9. Cinderella is definitely a favourite here


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