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Pocket Tutorial Part 2 Max and Meena Yogaloones

Today, we're covering the next part of the Max and Meena Pocket Tutorial. You can get your pocket pattern pieces FREE on the Max and M...

Today, we're covering the next part of the Max and Meena Pocket Tutorial.

You can get your pocket pattern pieces FREE on the Max and Meena Facebook Group. They're available to download in the files section.

On to today's tutorial.

Today we are covering 2 important things.

#1- How to cut a single pattern piece pant pattern in 2 so that we can insert the pocket

#2- The tutorial on how to sew up the inset pocket.

Part #1-

Ok, so you have the pants you want to put your pocket in but it is a single piece. So we'll have to cut the pattern in half. We don't want to do this without paying attention to how everything lines up, so let me show you the correct way to break your pattern piece apart. I want to send a special thank you to Jamie of Max and Meena for allowing me to share the image of the full pattern piece from the Max and Meena Yogaloones. Here we go:

-Extend the "stretch" line on the pattern piece.
-Measure the pant hem and mark the half way point on your hem.
-Draw a line from the mark that you put on the hem through to the waist, being absolutely sure that your line is perpendicular to the stretch line.

-Cut through the line you just created from hem to waist.
-Add a 1/2" seam allowance to both sides of your pattern pieces.

We have now separated your pattern pieces. And we can get to the inset pocket tutorial.

To create an inset pocket, you need to cut out the same curve from the pocket onto your front pattern piece only. Just lay your pocket pattern piece onto the front pattern piece and line up with the outseam (the seam we just created) and the waist. Trace the curved line onto your pattern piece.

Cut out the tiny curve you have just created.

To complete this tutorial you will need to cut out:
2 pant fronts
2 pant backs
2 inset pocket pieces
2 pocket bags (the piece without the curved cut out).
***Any other pattern pieces that you need to complete your pants. In my case, I had to cut out 1 yoga waistband.

I recommend using a 1/4" seam allowance on the pocket pieces. You may however use any seam allowance you like.

-Place your inset pocket onto your front pants pattern piece right sides together.
-Sew your pieces together along the curved area.
-Flip your pocket to the inside. Press and top stitch if desired
-Place your pocket bag onto the inset pocket piece. Stitch along the outside line, being careful not to catch the front pattern piece in your stitching.
-You may find it easier to baste the top and sides together. I just use pins to hold them in place.
-Place your front and back pattern pieces together at the created side seam and stitch with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Proceed with pants as usual.

Please note, baby pockets are tiny and NOT intended to be functional. But they are super cute.

Next week I will have a tutorial on how to use these pattern pieces to put a inseam pocket into the Max Joggers. So be sure to check back. :)

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  1. I'm a bit late to this post but thanks for the awesome instructions! Did you end up doing a post on the joggers? I just purchased that pattern but couldn't see another post about pockets for that pattern. I can probably figure it out though from this one. Thanks again.


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