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Diving Into Dolmans Week 4 Jalie #3352 Dolman

its Thursday so its time for another Diving Into Dolmans Post! I hope you've been following along and haven't missed a singl...

its Thursday so its time for another Diving Into Dolmans Post!

I hope you've been following along and haven't missed a single one. My co hosts have been sewing up some amazing dolmans. But, in case you missed something, Here's my previous 3 posts:

Definitely go back through and make sure you see ALL the posts as I've worked hard to show you what dolmans look like on different body shapes and sizes.

Today, I'm doing a re-review of the Jalie #3352 Dolman. Special shout out to Jalie for giving us this pattern for this series! You might remember Melissa's version at Rebel and Malice. She sewed up an amazing basic. Today I've done a tiny bit of hacking to make an OTT, Date night worthy version. But before we get to the details, let's review the basics.

Girls 2- Women's 22
Printable pattern pages/copy shop version
Skill Level
Measurements for Rectangle Pieces
Line Drawings
Size made
7 with a FBA and graded to a 6 at the hip
Options chosen
Short sleeve
Fabric Requirement for your size
7/8 yard
Measurement Chart
Bust, waist, hip and Girth
Cutting Instructions
Pattern Printing Layout
Cutting Layout
Suggested Fabrics
Layer Printing Option
Neck Line Options
Hemmed or banded
Sleeve Options
Short or long
Hem Options
Color Blocking
If using long sleeve
Seam Allowance
Hem Allowance
Separate add-on pack
Easy to read instructions
Drawing or photograph instructions
Whew, I'm so glad that's over, because now we can get the good stuff!

Up until now, all the dolmans in the series have been ho-hum everyday, jeans and t-shirts dolmans. That's totally cool. I get it. But there are 2 things I knew I wanted when I worked on this dolman. #1- tunic. #2- sparkly awesome. I can definitely say, "Mission Accomplished!"
So let's take a step back. I used the size 7 here for the shoulders, blended down to the size 6 at the hip. I attempted my first FBA on a dolman. Definitely a NEW and different experience. I completely messed up the location of the bust point (I didn't account for the lengthwise drape of the fabric). Thankfully it didn't mess things up too much. I'll go back and fix the pattern for next time though. I measured my "girth" and found that I fit perfectly in the size 7 so I did not have to adjust the length. Definitely use that girth measurement to be sure that you the lengths for your size.
Now to get the nice tunic length front, I just copied the curved hem from the back onto the front. The front and back pieces were the same width at the hem so it was super easy to just copy it over.
As for my fabric, it is a super sparkly awesomeness from Cali Fabrics. I grabbed like 10 yards of it during the black Friday sale and I'm so happy I've found some fun ways to use it. It definitely says, "Fancy date night." Or if you're younger and so inclined, "Night on the town." Mostly it will probably sit in my closet until I decide to wear it with jeans because I want to wear it and don't care what people think!
I opted not to finish the neckline, sleeve or bottom hem. This fabric is super slinky and threatened to destroy itself when I tried any amount of hemming. So I left them raw, which actually I think adds to its charm.
So, my vote on this one, Yes Yes Yes. It isn't too loose and it isn't too tight. The wings aren't too big and if you play with it a little, you can make a few different options. 

Guest Blogger: Sew Far North - Seamingly Smitten Women’s Dolman Sleeve Sweater

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  1. That is very pretty and sexy slinky all rolled up in one! Well done you

  2. I like the shape on this one -- very flattering!

  3. That fabric is to die for!! Love this on you!

  4. I clicked over from Made by Melli.... cute stuff! Love the sparkles!

  5. What's not to love with all that sparkle?! Made by Melli sent me. =)

  6. I love it in that fabric and love how you changed it up.

  7. Coming over from Made by Melli, but I would have eventually found my way over anyhow...I have never used Jalie patterns before, but the size range has me intrigued! Awesome series, as usual.

  8. That is a great dolman top! I haven't used this one before, although I've made a very similar one from Christine Jonson Patterns (and I also altered the hems to make them curved). The fabric you chose is really incredible - and the fact that you didn't hem it is also very cool. It probably took you 15 minutes to make the top in that case!

    1. I think I spent the most time weaving in the serger tails! It was so super fast.


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