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Seaside Notions Pensalcola Top

I want to thank Seaside Notions for giving me a copy of this pattern for review. As always, all opinions remain my own. I've been eye...

I want to thank Seaside Notions for giving me a copy of this pattern for review. As always, all opinions remain my own.

I've been eyeing the Seaside Notions Pensacola Beach Petal Top since its release last summer. Its SO pretty and looks really fancy. But if you know me at all, I really aim for quick and dirty sews, not the long detailed stuff.

Thankfully someone in Pattern Reviews and Resources on Facebook was looking for a detailed review of this pattern. It was the perfect time to jump in with both feet.

Now I've got a few confessions to make. I'll be sure to intersperse that within the review.

I want to start by pointing out a REALLY nice feature of this pattern. The pattern is drafted with 2 options for the petals a hemmed version and a bias covered version. Normally you have to trim off your own seam allowances to get the bias covered version, so i like that both sets of pattern pieces are included. Definitely use the print chart to be sure you don't print out any pages you don't need. I totally didn't read first and ended up printing out both sets of petals. On the plus side, this is a pattern I'll probably use again, and I'd like to use it up some of my lace, so I'll likely use those pattern pieces eventually.

I opted for the bias trimmed version because I assumed it would be faster. I'm not sure it is ever actually faster when you make your own bias tape, but I'd rather iron a bunch of yards of bias tape than hem those curved edges. Personal preference there. Either option looks really beautiful and put together.

I did not add the ruffle sleeve or cap sleeve. Mostly to save time. I do like how the sleeve is completed and results in a completely lined cap sleeve, rather than just hemmed. It looks well finished and very nice and clean.

This is a REALLY well finished pattern. IF you follow all the instructions, and do the bias trimmed petals, you will have ZERO exposed seams. THAT is nice finishing and makes me very happy. This is where confession #1 comes in. I didn't enclose the skirt to bodice seam. The instructions say to do it. I say, MUST SEW FASTER! I did a regular seam and serged the edge. <Gasp> I did the top stitching though and of course you can't tell from the outside of the garment. If people are going to start grading me based on whether I finish my inside seams, then I quit.

The shoulder seams aren't quite trued. You'll get tiny little triangles to trim off once you press them open. That however was the only problem I could find in a very well drafted pattern. And seems like a small bump in an otherwise pretty amazing pattern. I've got a blog post here about how to true a pattern. Use Option #1 and you can fix the shoulders easily. OR, just trim off the little triangles. I won't tell. ;)

The placket on this is properly done and is even offset so that when you bring the front and back bodice pieces together it is perfectly lined up. Confession #2- I struggled getting the bodice and the skirt to line up. I have no idea why. 3 tries of doing the exact same thing and finally it lined up properly. I'm 100% sure it was my fault. That's what I get for sewing late at night when I was really tired. But I promise it lines up properly. :)

Confession #3 and I will hang my head in shame. I made a size 3. My daughter isn't actually a size 3. She's a size 2 chest, size 4 waist and size 3 height. I thought I could split the difference. I was wrong. The instructions explain in detail how to adjust the sizes. I skipped that part. (don't hate me...). The fit is good, but not great. I just want to be sure to disclose that the fit is MY FAULT, not the pattern. Her little belly pushes out the front petal and her shoulders are a little loose. Still adorable though. :) Further confession, when I make it again, I'm not going to fix it.

Final confession, I still haven't mastered the art of photographing hot pink fabrics. This top is super cute in real life, but it looks overly red in all my photos. :( She is of course still super adorable. I just wish I could get a good photo of the true beauty of this fabric.

So all in all, this is a great pattern and I totally recommend it. But I don't recommend cutting corners. Take the time to enclose all those seams. There are also instructions for putting in decorative lace too! And of course it wouldn't be a great review without a coupon code! YEAH! Use coupon code: seaside20 to save 20% off the Seaside Pensacola Beach Petal Top through April 25. This pattern gets my seal of approval. :)

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  1. Thank you for your review. I am for sure to make it tonight!

  2. Such a great review Ti! Great read!

  3. So glad you enjoyed the pattern!! Thanks for the unbiased review! :)


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