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Diving Into Dolmans Week 5: Patterns for Pirates Pumpkin Spice Dolman

Can you believe its week 5 of Diving Into Dolmans?! Today on We have the Patterns for Pirates Pumpkin Spice Dolman . This is actually ...

Can you believe its week 5 of Diving Into Dolmans?! Today on

We have the Patterns for Pirates Pumpkin Spice Dolman. This is actually a repeat from week 1 when Tami of Sew Sophie Lynn sewed up an awesome one. But Tami is a rectangle and I'm an inverted triangle so we're definitely mixing things up here.

Since this has been reviewed before I'm going to jump straight in. I'll add the handy chart at the end.

So, the truth is I was afraid to sew up this dolman. Like knee shaking fear. Like OMG am I going to sew up a wadder (you know something you wad up and throw in the trash)? I even asked over on Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along to see if anyone had any suggestions. Mostly I got a lot of cheerleading and you can do it. Which I totally needed, so it was perfect.

I sewed up the size medium shoulder/bust and blended to a size small from waist to hips. I used a short band and the short sleeve option. I took 1/2" length out of the bust/sleeve area and 1" from the waist to bring up the length. I used a SUPER drapey, light sweater knit and an extra soft cotton/poly jersey blend for my neck arm and hem bands.

First impression: This could be WAY worse and actually isn't "bad". Its completely wearable and I likely will wear it again and again.

I love the nice low neckline. I didn't have to modify that at all. There is a TON of ease in this pattern. So unless you're massively off size, I don't suggest making any full bust adjustments. The sleeves are REALLY low, so I highly suggest wearing a cami or tank underneath. Alternatively, you could bring the armholes up quite a bit and still have arm mobility. Or be wild and free and flash your friends. You know, whatever floats your boat. As you can see on the back, I look REALLY wide. It isn't very flattering.

Given what I see of the fit, if you're an inverted triangle like me, consider sizing down a full size. I usually fit solidly into the size medium of the P4P patterns. I can definitely fit the small without compromising the fit. This pattern runs a little longer than the usual "tunic" lengths for the P4P patterns. Consider taking a little extra length out if you don't want it to be too long and saggy. And while the pattern doesn't REQUIRE anything with super drape, don't pick anything heavy. Rayon is going to be your friend here. And if you opt for a sweater knit, make it really slinky like mine. You know those slinky ones that are so light you say curse words while you sew them. THOSE are what you want for this pattern. Else you will look top heavy and boxy. It won't be pretty.

Even though this isn't the "perfect" dolman for me for everyday wear, it is actually an ok choice for my body type in the right fabrics. Another great use for this pattern would be for workout gear. A simple sports bra underneath and some nylon spandex and you've got a great work out top with plenty of air flow. Or add the sleeves and some leggings and you've got perfect loungewear.

Well, I'm sad to say, that this is the last review for the Dolman Series. See us next week for a final round up and fairwell. Hopefully you've found a dolman (or 10) that will fit your sewing needs.

Chart for your reference:
Printable pattern pages/copy shop version19/no
Skill LevelBeginner
Measurements for Rectangle PiecesYes
Line DrawingsYes
Size madeSmall
Options chosenLong Sleeve, banded hem
Fabric Requirement for your size1 5/8 yards
Measurement ChartBust, Waist, Hips
Cutting InstructionsNo
Pattern Printing LayoutNo
Cutting LayoutNo
Suggested Fabricsknit with at least 20% stretch, drapier knits recommended
Layer Printing OptionYes
Neck Line OptionsNo but neckband options
Sleeve OptionsShort, 3/4, long
Hem OptionsStraight, curved, small banded and tall banded hem
Color BlockingNo
Seam Allowance1/2″
Hem Allowance1/2″
Separate add-on packNo
Easy to read instructionsYes
Drawing or photograph instructionsPhotos

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  1. It is so crazy to me how different patterns look on different body types. I am a pear pear pear and loved this one. I also think the style I did helped my body type a lot. Overall, it doesn't look bad, and probably would be more flattering down a size on your frame.

  2. Definitely not my favorite on you, but certainly wearable! I'm not a huge of the wingy ones on me either.

  3. I like this one and think overall it flatters your tiny waist. This is exactly what I was hoping for from this series! I love seeing the comparison!

    1. That's some illusion Tami because I basically have no waist! I'm straight down from under bust to high hip.

  4. I look great in a dolman but I made the size that matches my measurements and it's WAY too big. I'll have to rework it to enjoy wearing it bc right now it's too sloppy looking


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