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You're probably all thinking I've lost my mind. Who needs a post on flannel? Well, let me tell you, I THOUGHT I knew flannel. I...

You're probably all thinking I've lost my mind. Who needs a post on flannel?

Well, let me tell you, I THOUGHT I knew flannel.

I've bought flannel from Walmart and watch it shred itself to pieces shortly thereafter.

And I've bought the better stuff from Joann's and it was ok, albeit not as heavy weight as I expected.

And I've ordered it online from and thought that it was better than Joann's, but not really amazing.

But a few weeks ago, my cousin asked me to make a custom order as a baby shower gift. A flannel backed blanket and a set of burp cloths. A great gift (IMO). We picked out this adorable fabric from The Fat Quarter Shop. Its called Not So Wild West and was completely perfect. Of course the fabric is a quilting cotton, so I wanted to back it with some flannel. This is where things changed.

First off, I was able to contact fat quarter shop to get a recommendation for a flannel color match. They were great and got back to me promptly (perfect). I ordered my fabric and even though I didn't pay any extra shipping, it got to me in 2 days! That's good, because I sort of forgot to order my fabric right away (whoops).

Now when I opened the fabric, I was surprised. THIS was not what I was expecting when I ordered flannel. it was soft, fluffy, and thick. Just the sort of thing that I was looking for in a flannel but something I had never found! It is the Essentials Solid Flannel in Navy and it is divine. It didn't have miles and miles of frayed ends after its trip through the washing machine either. It just got fluffier and softer.

Yes, this flannel is a "little" more than you might pay at your local big box store. But at $6.48 a yard, it is still a great deal. Joann's regular price is around $5.99 a yard and runs around $2.99 a yard when on sale. I know I never shop Joann's without a coupon. But if you want something that is really going to last, pay the extra you won't regret it. The colors are rich and beautiful, didn't fade when I washed them (I like to prewash before I sew things that may shrink), and soft and fluffy. All the things I like in a good finished project.

And of course, lest I forget, all the burp cloths are backed in my favorite Bamboo Baby Loop Terry. This stuff is decadent and amazing. And, is the same fabric I use for my custom Bamboo Baby Loop Terry Flats that I sell in my shop. So I know they're going to stay soft wash after wash.

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