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Sew Thankful for my Daughter

This month, I have SO Much to be thankful for. So first up, I want to give a special shout out to Melissa of Mahlica Designs and Sarah...

This month, I have SO Much to be thankful for. So first up, I want to give a special shout out to Melissa of Mahlica Designs and Sarah of Sewing With Sarah for handling the logistics of this month's tour. I was a bit over my head with deadlines and they have put together an AMAZING tour. Thanks ladies!

Just as the sun rose on Thanksgiving day, 7 years ago, my daughter Kamlyn was born. Thanksgiving will never be the same for our family.

So of course a November blog tour would have to be about her. Every birthday, I make my kids something special. Something just for them. No hand me downs. No random scraps I threw together. No me saying, "I don't sew XYZ." A project JUST for them.

This kid LOVES Grumpy Cat. She thinks she is hilarious (yes, Grumpy Cat is a girl, as I am reminded daily). So of course a gift that includes Grumpy Cat is on the list.

This kid is definitely a casual girl. Tunics and leggings is her style. Unfortunately, the only fabrics I could find easily were fleece and flannel. Time to be creative!

So up first, definitely fleece jammies. It gets cold in my girls bedroom at night (and just cold in general here in Wyoming). She prefers sleep dresses. So of course I made the Polly Woggles Autumn Grace Dress. This was 100% a hit!

Next up, I had the fabulous flannel. I made the mistake and didn't buy enough, so I ended up with only the pants from the Pollywoggles Skylar and Jordan Jammies. GAH! So to pair with it, I put together a fast raglan, the Made For Mermaids Rowan.

Because I only had enough fabric for the pants, I ended up with quite a few bits of scrap. Time to break out of my fast knit projects and get creative.

I put together a quick pillow for her teddy bear, a little mini quilt and the perfect little box pleat bag to store all of her stuff. I know she is going to love these projects. And I absolutely loved working on these projects for her.

Our Thankful Sewing Bloggers are creating something special to share with you to celebrate this month of Thanksgivings! As an extra special surprise, we also have a couple giveaways during each week of the tour. Share your thanks with Petite Stitchery who has a new pattern to share with us, a free pattern giveaway from Sew by Pattern Pieces, and a chance to win a shop credit each week from Simply by Ti!

Intro to the tour

November 1st: mahlicadesigns Sewing with Sarah

Week 1:

Nov 1st: Tenille’s Thread Nov 2nd: Candace Ayala Nov 3rd: Hazelnut Handmade Nov 4th: Musing of a Seamstress Nov 5th: Sewing Portfolios Monday Nov 6th: mahlicadesigns Nov 7th: Seams Sew Lo

Week 2:

Nov 8th: Margarita on the Ross Nov 9th: Stitched by Jennie Nov 10th: Sewing with D Monday Nov 13th: 5 outof 4 Patterns Nov 14th: Tales of a Southern Mom

Week 3:

Nov 15th: Hazelnut Handmade Nov 16th: Octaves of Color Nov 17th: Kainara Stitches Nov 18th: Kutti Couture Nov 19th: The Petite Sewist Monday Nov 20th: My Heart will Sew On Nov 21st: Needles to Say

Week 4:

Nov 22nd: Back 40 Life Nov 23rd: Lovemade Handmade Nov 24th: Sewing by Ti Nov 25th: On Wednesdays We Sew Nov 26th: Paisley Roots Monday Nov 27th: Mermaid Mama Designs Nov 28th: Sew Haute Blog Nov 29th: Ma Moose Handmade Nov 30th: Everything Your Mama Made & More

Sew by Pattern Pieces Giveaway and Simply by Ti $20 credit a Rafflecopter giveaway

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