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I have to apologize to all my readers. Owning a fabric shop has sucked up ALL of my time. But I'm SO happy to be back at my blog for a v...

I have to apologize to all my readers. Owning a fabric shop has sucked up ALL of my time. But I'm SO happy to be back at my blog for a very special blog tour.

I did NOT receive any free patterns as part of this tour. HOWEVER, as always, all opinions remain my own.

When I started thinking about what to make for this tour, I had 2 things in mind. #1- Something my readers don't usually see from me. And #2- Something super versatile to fit into my capsule.

#1 was an easy decision to make. The things my readers almost never see from me is wovens. There are several REALLY good reasons for that. The most important is that I HATE ironing. I don't mind pressing my seams as I go, but ironing my clothes, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" And to compound my hate for ironing, my kids do the laundry. That means clothes get tossed in the wash without regard for temperature settings. And they rarely get pulled out of the dryer as soon as it is done. But the last reason is the BIG reason why I mostly don't sew and therefore don't wear wovens. Wovens require a LOT of fitting. And my shoulders and bust make fitting a challenge.

So, even though I had my heart set on a woven garment, I was worried that I wouldn't have the patience to get the fit right! Thankfully, the Beausoleil has cup sizes! My over bust is 35, and full bust is 38. I went with a 6D, as that was the size that closest matched my overbust (35+2=37 for a b cup) and the D is for a 38 1/2" bust. It also helped that the size 6 waist and hip most closely matched my waist and hip too!

Even though the cup sizes were included, I was still worried I would have to fix a bunch of fit issues. Turns out, it worked right on the first try! My only fit adjustments were to remove length, 1/2" above the bust and 1" at the waist. I could have cut straight into my good fabric. But I didn't. Only crazy people do that. 😉

When it was time to cut into my good fabric, I knew EXACTLY which fabric it would be. I had gone to Joann's a few weeks earlier and had picked up several yards of this amazing donut flannel fabric. Yes, donut flannel. It is part of their Luxe flannel collection in a rayon/cotton blend. DREAMY. My favorite thing about flannel is that it doesn't wrinkle the way other woven fabrics can. And it has nice soft drape. I just LOVE it.

After I made my Beausoleil, I knew what should be next. Olive Jeans. Olive was the new color I picked for my capsule wardrobe, and I knew that olive jeans would be so versatile in my capsule. It was easy to pick my fabric of course. My shop, Simply By Ti carries an amazing 4 way stretch twill. And of course, I carry olive!

 The Simply By Ti stretch twill has more stretch than the Liana Jeans call for. I SHOULD have at least taken a bigger seam allowance. But, I didn't. So my jeans ended up being not quite skinny jeans. But man are they comfy.

For my waist band, I decided to skip the twill tape. My last pair didn't have the soft comfy feel I wanted in the waistband. Without the twill tape, my waistband is heaven. I used stretch poplin for my pockets, which also gave me a little extra stretch while still stabilizing the entire front panel. And, I even ordered some jean buttons on ebay. They're remarkably easy to install.

Your ITS Love bloggers are
The ITS Love Tour sponsors have been so generous in support of Kennis of Itch to Stitch that we've been able to put together several prize packages to share with you. First, you may enter our giveaway to win one of three prize packs:

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  1. ok. That's it. I've absolutely got to order some of that olive twill. I have no idea what to do with it, but I can't stop thinking about it! Your doughnut top is F.A.B. I think my favorite part is the print mixing with your teal stripe skirt. Totally unexpected, yet it works.

  2. Great job, Ti - need to find time for the Liana Jeans and will definitely check out less wrinkly flannel!

  3. Your top and pants both look great! And That flannel! It’s awesome. I had no idea joanns was carrying a higher quality flannel and now will need to go check that out!

  4. I usually skip by the flannel section but now I need to check it out. The top looks perfect! And you know I love your lianas!!!

  5. I'm fascinated by that flannel. I'm going to have to go feel it next time I'm at JoAnn!

  6. I'm fascinated by that flannel. I'm going to have to go feel it next time I'm at JoAnn!

  7. Awesome jeans! I really like your striped skirt too and so fun with the donut top!

  8. Wow, who knew Joann fabrics carried such nice flannel. I need to make my first order from your shop too!

  9. Your olive jeans are lovely and how nice is it that your Beausoleil worked out great on the first try!


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