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Colette Sorbetto Take 2

Remember my Sisboom Tortola -vs- Colette Sorbetto post ? Today I've got a follow up post that I think you're going to love. ...

Remember my Sisboom Tortola -vs- Colette Sorbetto post?

Today I've got a follow up post that I think you're going to love.

So, when I shared my muslin of the Sorbetto, I made a mistake. I forgot to take the extra width out of the front hem. So of course it was big and flappy and left plenty of room for a pregnant belly. Except I'm not pregnant. Not a good silhouette.

But, it was a good start and I knew it could be awesome. So I persevered. I took that width out and VOILA. Now this hem width is as tight as I can go and still get the shirt on. It is EXACTLY the same width as my bust (37"), but my high hip is only 30", so that's a lot of ease. If I wanted a tighter fit (and I think I do), I will need to add a zipper along the hem somewhere. I haven't decided to commit to that yet, but it is on my mind.

Also, now that I have less things to fuss with I think I need to pull the bust dart back a tiny bit (maybe 1/2") and also bring the shoulders together about 1/2" as they just barely fall off my shoulder point.

And a word of warning to my bloggy friends. When you ask your husband to take photos of your new shirt, his main goal will more likely be attempting to get an amazing shot down your shirt. If you did a good job of picking your size and style, he will probably fail. He will then also attempt many photos of your butt. If that isn't what you're looking for, you may want to ask your 3 year old to take your photos instead. :)

So this version is made with some amazing Chambray from Finch Fabrics. The fabric is soft and drapey and breathable. All the things you want in a chambray. Now I will say that these dots made me just a little bit crazy. I wasn't able to quickly cut my fabric on the fold, since I didn't want my dots running every which way.

If you want chambray with a little less cutting fuss, you might pick this Indigo Chambray Denim that is a cotton linen. You'll still want to get the grain right, but you don't have to be insane about it.

And in case you missed it, I still have a coupon code for you from Finch Fabrics! So use coupon code summersew20 to save 20% off your entire card including sale items! (excluding shipping)

And in case you still aren't convinced that you need these fabrics (and I totally think you need them), stay tuned on Monday, because I'll have even more!

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  1. Love the dots! I need to sew up a second Sorbetto and see if I got all my adjustments right.

  2. Pretty! I am currently working on make a Sorbetto into a swing type top. :)


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