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EYMM Mommy and Me Tour

I am so excited to be sharing today as part of the EYMM Mommy and Me Tour. I received the harem pants patterns as part of participatin...

I am so excited to be sharing today as part of the EYMM Mommy and Me Tour.

I received the harem pants patterns as part of participating in the tour. I also received this fabric from LA Finch Fabrics for use on this post. As always, ALL opinions remain my own.

As a mom, I don't often get to step back and think about me.

And let's be real, as much as Mother's Day is supposed to be all about mom getting a much deserved break it doesn't always go the way we expected it. So if you missed Mother's Day (shame on you) or were waiting for the perfect inspiration to plan ahead for next year, you may want to read this post over at my favorite parenting blog "Parenting with Crappy Pictures." She nails it on the head for anyone with small children.

So when I was asked to join the EYMM Mommy and Me Tour I knew exactly what I needed. Something that represented exactly what I would want in a Mother's Day. What is that?
-Sleeping in
-Breakfast made by someone else
-A walk with my family at the park
-A day (night, week, year, etc.) of sewing WITHOUT interruption
-Dinner made by someone else
-Uninterrupted showers and trips to the bathroom
-Having a conversation that I actually get to speak without hearing, "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom"

So, chances are I won't get most of these. I probably won't get anything like this for at least another 5 years, and if we have another baby, you can tack on an extra 8 years (at least). But the one thing I can get with this tour is Jammies. Comfy, cozy, just right jammies. So I sewed up the EYMM Harem Pants. A pair for me and a pair for one of my kids.

I originally planned on doing these photos with my middle daughter. But for some reason, any pants that are not skin tight= no bueno. Bad thing, I had already sewn the capri length harems in a size 5. EEP! Good thing. My skinny kids basically all have the same waist measurement. They just are different heights. Whew. So I got my eldest to put on the capris and there we have it, magic. So if anyone is wondering about the fit of these, they're awesome and will fit for a LONG time. My eldest is 8 and 49" tall.

So these harems are sewn up in a nice thick fluffy french terry from LA Finch Fabrics. That isn't actually one of the recommended fabrics, but you know me, rule breaker through and through. LOL. They look warm and fuzzy like over sized sweat pants, which was just the look I was going for. And of course, don't forget that coupon code I have been promoting all last week. Use coupon code summersew20 to take 20% off your entire cart at LA Finch Fabrics through Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 .

After sewing up 3 different pairs prior to these, including a jersey pair, and a chambray pair, I figured out that woven waist bands are like 1 million times easier than a knit waistband, so these have a quilting cotton waistband. I actually really like it.It almost works like a smoothing panel.

Now if I had gone by the measurement chart and sewn for my waist, I would have been sewing a size large. I know that my hips are tiny compared to my waist, so I used the Get Moving Leggings size chart and figured out that my hips match up with a size small. Using the large would have left me with a LOT of fabric that I didn't really need. I used the elastic as marked in the chart and the fit was fine since these sit more on the high hip than the actual waist. Since I am 5'1", I removed 1" of length between the hip and dropped crotch. I still have plenty of "harem" drape. After my first pair, I removed 3" of length from the leg around the knee. I always knew my calves were short, but whew, that was a bit shocking.

I will say, these pants make me look like I have a butt and real hips. LOVE it. It is really important that if you do the capri length you make sure they stop right below your knee before your calf starts, else your calves will look proportionately fatter. Being able to make them in knit or woven leaves a LOT of possibilities. I especially love that because they don't hug the crotch at all, there is very little fitting. As I said, my only adjustments were length adjustments and picking the right size for my hips, not my waist. Normally I have to spend days fitting my large quads, but these are quite simply awesome. And once you know the steps for the waist band, they're fast too!

So, sew yourself some "cloud pants" (as my 3 year old called them) and been comfy just like me. OR sew them in something nicer, like chambray (have I already mentioned the awesome chambray at LA Finch Fabrics?) and have comfy pants that you can wear out of the house!

Make sure to check out all the stops on the EYMM Mommy & Me Blog Tour! (Note: the direct links below won't work until their scheduled day, but feel free to click through and check out their blogs any time!)
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During the tour, all Mommy & Me Bundles are on sale!  Use coupon code MOMMYANDME2016 on the EYMM site to save 25% on any Women and Youth Size Pattern Bundles until May 10 at 11:59pm PST (note: build your own bundles are excluded from this sale).

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  1. Gorgeous...such happy photos. Thank you for the inspiration and good read. :)


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