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Sometimes, when you sign up for a themed blog tour you end up stumped for ideas. But not this time! I'm so excited to be blogging wit...

Sometimes, when you sign up for a themed blog tour you end up stumped for ideas. But not this time! I'm so excited to be blogging with the Sew Americana Tour. I'm even more excited about these photos!

So, one would think you can only get photos of the Statue of Liberty in New York City. But that's totally not true. Our local park has a Statue of Liberty Monument! WOOT. That equals instant 4th of July photo shoot. YAY!

So photo plans, check.

Next, I had to pick a pattern. Problem was, I signed up for this tour this Thursday and my teaser photo was due on Sunday. WAH! So that meant I needed some instant gratification.

Good thing I had already planned to use the Bella Sunshine Designs Isabella Banded Skirt. The best thing about this skirt is... Its FREE! Yay. Skirts for everyone. Just sign up for the BSD Newletter and you can get your own free copy.

But the other good things about this skirt...
1- Finished measurement chart. That means you can use your waist/hip measurements to pick a width, yet use the length that matches up to the skirt length you want to make. I made a size 12 month width with 12 month length for my 3 year old. 12 month width with a 3 year length for my 5 year old. A straight size 5 for my 8 year old. Please note. My kids are super skinny and this skirt is meant to fall BELOW the knee. I wanted ours above the knee so I made them according to the length I wanted.
2- Rectangle cutting chart OR pattern pieces. If you don't have a rotary cutter or mat, you can print out the rectangle pieces.
3- FAST. The banded hem means that the only measuring you have to do while sewing is making the casing for the elastic. I sewed up 3 of these in just over 1 hour. It took longer to get my kids to pick their fabrics at Joanns than it did to sew these 3 up!
4- Kids OR women's sizes. We'll talk about the women's sizes another time.

My only regret is not having good shoes. <sigh> But that's what happens when you're in the middle of a move. If you're short on time and still need a 4th of July Project, this is a great place to start!

Take a look at the AMAZING lineup for the Sew Americana tour!
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As a special bonus for our readers, use the code ' SEWAMERICANA ' and enjoy a 20% discount at  You'll find a ton of maker-inspired goodies!
(All created by your tour guide, Katy, from Wild & Wanderful.)

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  1. Sewing for girls is so fun! I love the coordination of the shirts vs. different skirt patterns. And how cool is it that you have a Statue of Liberty monument in your park?!

  2. Thanks for being clutch and coming on board last minute! :)
    Your girls are adorable. And I love the skirts. Yay free patterns!

  3. How cool that you have that statue at your local park?! It does make great 4th of July photos for sure. Your girls are rocking their skirts. Have a great 4th!

  4. I love this pattern. It is the one my daughter is learning to sew with. All their skirts are adorable!

  5. Cute skirts, cute girls, cute location!

    I'm definitely going to check that skirt out now. My oldest made her look for our blog stop on the tour, and I bet she could tackle this skirt herself, too!

  6. The skirts are adorable! LOVE quick sews!

  7. The skirts are adorable! LOVE quick sews!


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