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2017 Make Nine Challenge

Have you heard of the #2017makenine challenge? I hadn't until I stumbled upon Elizabeth Made This 's post about it. Apparently it ...

Have you heard of the #2017makenine challenge? I hadn't until I stumbled upon Elizabeth Made This's post about it.

Apparently it is a hashtag over on instagram encouraging seamstresses to complete 9 projects. We already know I can churn out 8 garments in a weekend because I told you all about it in my blog post about the Tunic Bible. I whipped through a pair of Sabrina slims, a La Bella Donna, Layer Me Up, pair of leggings, 2 Jocole easy swing skirts, a Tunic Bible Tunic and a bunch of Cheekie Chonies.

I have to admit it felt like cheating making all those easy projects. So no way, my make nine challenge is going to be filled with those types of projects. That's just lazy!

So I am committing to challenging myself.

Challenge #1- For the love of God, NO new patterns. Sure, we already know I'm going to buy more patterns. I'm going to sew new patterns. I'm going to share those patterns with you. But if I'm going to dig deep, then I need to do it the hard way.

Challenge #2- Nothing that can be sewn in less than 3 hours.

Challenge #3- Nothing that I've made before and had a successful project.

On to the patterns!

1- Greenstyle Sundance Jacket. I've put this one off WAY too long. Its going to be great, once I get around to it. Now to decide if I want it for winter or Spring/fall.

2- Sis Boom Rebecca. The PERFECT dress for spring, summer and fall. My last attempt at this was really bad. :( But I know a LOT more now about fitting, so fingers crossed I'll do well.

3- Jocole A-line Shift. A second shift dress. No, I'm not a glutton for punishment, they're honestly made differently. I look forward to getting the fit right on this one too.

4- Winter Wear Designs Real Deal Jeans. I've put off the whole jeans sewing thing for years now. I think I'm ready to fit them.

5- 1 Puddle Lane Holly Wrap Dress. I bought this pattern a long time ago. When I did, I didn't know enough about fitting or darts to get anywhere close to the right fit. I'm pretty confident I can get it right this time.

6- Cosette from KZJO Studio. This pattern has super cool side color blocks. I don't even remember buying it <blush>. Definitely time to get this one done.

7- Winter Wear Designs Button up. I've put off the whole button up shirt thing a LONG time. I think it was from too much time spent wearing school uniforms that I have this bad relationship with button ups. But I'd like to make one, just once, that I might actually wear. Sure, I may confirm that I just hate them and never make another. But I want to at least try.

8 -Sew House 7 Mississippi Avenue. I bought this pattern when it first released. I printed it once. I don't even know where those went. Time to try again.

9- New Horizons Venice. This pattern has 2 things going against it. #1- The pattern assembly is MASSIVE. 71 pages. Meep. And I wanted this to make a pretty woven, flowy maxi. Well that's a lot of fabric to commit to a project.

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