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New Horizons Lisse Hoodie

So if you read the HTML that is used for today's post, you'd think I'd be talking about zip up hoodies. I will admit, I have a t...

So if you read the HTML that is used for today's post, you'd think I'd be talking about zip up hoodies. I will admit, I have a thing for zip up hoodies. Actually, I just love hoodies in general. The funny thing is, I never wear the hood up. Seriously. My head will get too hot and then blah. But I love hoodies because that extra fabric sits on the back of my neck and keeps me warm. YAY.

So you've already seen my Patterns for Pirates Slim Fit Raglan Hoodie (I actually have several)

My RTW Zip Up Hoodie (I have both the gray and the fuchsia one).

My New Horizons Harbor Hoodie.

My Everything Your Mama Made And More Hoodie.

Ironically, as many times as I've made the Love Notions La Bella Donna, I've never added the hoodie! WHY!!! Don't worry, I just added it to my obnoxiously long "to sew" list.

But we're not talking about any of those today. Today we're going to talk about the New Horizons Lisse Hoodie. This is actually my muslin. But its so cozy and warm I wanted to share it.

So to the beginning. I made size Medium, which matches up with my over bust (35") +2". I did a small 1/2" FBA and blended the underbust back in to the medium width so that it would fit back to the original pattern pieces. This is NOT what the pattern recommends, but I know that while my bust is large, the rest of me fits properly into this pattern size, so I didn't need more front width at the underbust.

My pattern pieces went together a little strangely. They didn't quite fit if I lined each pattern piece exactly at the line. This could be a printer problem (my printer is always giving me problems). The pieces went together easily otherwise. The sleeve pattern is asymmetrical and all of the rectangle pieces are pattern pieces rather than a cutting chart. I prefer a cutting chart, however the pattern pieces were squeezed onto the pattern pages in such a way that they did not require extra printing.

I had some grommets sitting around, so I took the extra time to add in the grommets on the neckline. I was clearly distracted though, because I put one in backwards... WHOOPS. I don't think anyone will notice though.

I shortened the bodice by 1" and used the front B piece rather than an a and b. That means that there are no pleats in my front bodice piece. This both saves fabric and keeps the front looking a bit smoother, which I felt necessary with my heavier weight poly fleece. If I were to make this in french terry, I think I'd opt for the pleats as they add more interest to the top.

Knowing what I know about my body shape (and my very high waist) I thought the empire shaping on this pattern would be very flattering. I was absolutely right! This pattern emphasizes my almost hourglass shape and hides my bit of extra tummy quite well. I promise you it is there. And if you just read the Lucky Lingerie post and are saying I'm lying, let's just say I was flexing my abs through that entire photo shoot.

Now if anyone is wondering about those armpit wrinkles, I was so excited to take photos that I didn't switch back into my "good" bra. I've still got on my Lucky Bra. :)

I can't wait to cut into my "good fabric" because this is a winner! Very stylish, surprisingly easy to sew and impressive results.

And of course, we've got even more inspiration for you all week (and month) long! So please check out my fellow bloggers for this week for more inspiration.

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Where are you going and what are you wearing this week? Don't forget to link up to register for a chance to win our huge prize pack!

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  1. I love the Lisse. I made one for my MIL in 2015 and knew I would need one for myself, but it took me nearly a year to get around to making it. So glad I did, though, because I wear it all the time now. I love that the skirt portion gives enough coverage to wear as a top by itself, but it has enough room for a layer underneath when I need the warmth. I made mine with the hood but I think I like the cowl option better, there's just something a little weird about the hood shape to me. Oh well, guess I just have to make myself another one, darn! :)

  2. I am really enjoying this January series. I have been pulling out a bunch of tops that seemed a little too dressy for every day (read, more than a t-shirt) and wearing them. I have loved discovering how much I liked them again! Thanks :)


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