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Made For Mermaids Mama Cassie

After my great success with the Mama Claire , as soon as the Mama Cassie released , I knew I needed it in my life. All the testers photos lo...

After my great success with the Mama Claire, as soon as the Mama Cassie released, I knew I needed it in my life. All the testers photos looked so cute and I've been looking for a "cold shoulder" pattern that I could justify buying. Let me point out that a bodice plus a half circle skirt isn't a new invention or anything. I actually have 2 patterns that are already like that (Jocole Peplum with Skater Skirt add on AND 1 Puddle Lane Miss Ruby Tuesday). I confess that I'm a bit of a hoarder. I'm ok with that. ;)

So I really just grabbed the Mama Cassie because I wanted the tutorial for the cold shoulder. But it doesn't hurt that I can mash it with the Mama Joy (which I will review at a later time) I like that this pattern doesn't require any weird binding/banding to the opening. You hem the sleeve and you hem the armscye then sew them together. Once you see how its done, you'll be able to reuse this method over and over (because you are going to buy the pattern, right?!).

Unlike the Mama Claire, the Mama Cassie is fitted in the bust. That meant no shortcuts. So I started with a Blue upper bust, blue hips and a green waist. I removed 1/2" from the upper bust and then completed a 1/2" pivot and slide full bust adjustment (Totally a cheater method, but 1/2" is a tiny adjustment, so fairly safe.). I blended to the green waist. I just eased the 3/8" extra length that the fba added into the side seam.

I really want to take a moment and talk about that waist. Many of the designs of this I've seen (not by any means saying all) cut the bodice straight across. The problem with this design is that you need more length in the back from shoulder to armscye, but less at middle back. And you need more length at center front to make the distance down the bust. BUT, this pattern doesn't cut straight across. it has a nicely curved up the back hem line and a nicely curved down the front hemline. That means you don't create an automatic "high low" hem. Instant love!

So let's keep going. The armscye (even though they could have cheated here), is NOT symmetrical. We've got 2 different armscyes (front and back) and the sleeve isn't cut on the fold either! Clearly a lot of attention was put into this. I did end up having to make the "sleeve cap" a little thinner to keep the cold shoulder look (rather than a saggy shoulder look). But I have skinny arms. It is very easy to adjust the sleeve though, so no worries there!

You might notice I didn't remove length in the main bodice. I have a ridiculously high waist. When I put patterns at my waist, it looks like I have no body and disproportionately long legs. <meep>. So I made this just slightly "drop waist". It is about 1/2" longer than my actual waist which adds a bit of body length for me.

I did however take 1" out of the skirt hem. I know I'm short and I knew that the hem was going to be obnoxiously long. I don't look good in skirts below the knee unless they're full maxi skirts.

For my peplum version, I didn't hem at all. I like the length and couldn't justify the extra time hemming when it was fine "as is." I used a "heavy" rayon spandex which is my new favorite. It is heavy enough to sew up easily like a light cotton/lycra but keeps all the drape and sheen properties of rayon spandex. It is clear that as the "high-low" version the length is good. The peplum is my  "muslin" and it is clear the sleeves are a little long and the width of the sleeve is too big. Also, sometimes my bra straps show. If I'm ever NOT feeling lazy, I'll add in some bra clips to hold them under the shirt.

Now, for my dress, I took out that bit of black double brushed poly I'd been hoarding. It is of course from this month's sponsor, +Sly Fox Fabrics. I admit to be completely in love with their brushed and double brushed poly. And I used up the very last of my leopard print single brushed poly. I'm so sad to see it go, but it was clearly a good use. If I ever make the NOT high low version, I'll definitely need to take up the hem, A LOT. I did skip the whole hemming thing. DBP doesn't really roll, so it hangs great without a hem.

I've actually sewn up BOTH of these versions since I purchased
the pattern at 10:25 am. Current time is 9:28pm (that I'm typing this) and I've also eaten lunch and dinner with my family. Took my daughters to their extracurricular activities, and read the text of the video game my 4yo was playing. All in all, I think it has taken me 3 committed hours to sew these 2 up. The hardest part is definitely the armscye hemming, and it isn't even hard. It just takes a few extra minutes to mark and hem.

I really really really wish there was a gravity defying bra that could get me into the off the shoulder version of this dress. But it just isn't going to happen, at least not right now. But it is included in the pattern.

This is actually my first "fitted' pattern from M4M and I think I'm hooked. Yes, I still had to do some minor adjustments but the fit was spot on after my adjustments! I'm especially excited because the Cassie can be mashed up with the Mama Joy. That means moving the half circle skirt to the fully sleeved bodice and the pleated skirt to the cold shoulder. I can see a lot of fun ways to use this pattern.

So, as for the final verdict, the answer is yes, if you don't have another 1/2 circle skirt pattern you love, this may be the one for you. I love the bodice hemline and found the measurement chart to be spot on. I will mention, however, that my oldest daughter was right. She said, "Mom, your shoulders are going to get cold." I totally had to put on a sweater, LOL.

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  1. They both look great on you. It reallt is a crazy fast make. I have 4 more sewn or in progress hah.


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