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5 out of 4 Zen Pants

Have you ever found your PERFECT designer match? You know the one that drafts for your body type, so you don't have to do 1 million adju...

Have you ever found your PERFECT designer match? You know the one that drafts for your body type, so you don't have to do 1 million adjustments EVERY SINGLE TIME? I don't think that designer is out there for me, but 5 out of 4 comes REALLY close.

5 out of 4 drafts for a woman that is approximately 5'8" tall with an "athletic" body. That means I'm 6 1/2" too short, BUT my wider shoulders, squarish torso and strong legs are a great fit into their pattern sizing. Before you go thinking, that I'm crazy, trust me on this. It is WAY easier to adjust lengths to a pattern than it is to adjust all those widths!

So of course, when they released the Zen Pants, I bought them. I really did mean to sew them right away. But you know how life is. I did however print my size immediately. That would be a straight size small for my 31" waist and 38.5" hips. Because I have a 27" inseam to the floor, I knew I would need to remove 4" from the length of the pants as it has a 31" inseam.

For the record, this is my muslin. I have made ZERO adjustments to the pattern. Important things to note. I naturally have a VERY long rise. I do not wear petite pants, but instead regular pants and just shorten the legs (a lot). I went for the midrise option as I wanted decent coverage. This sits just UNDER my belly button.

I'm pretty sure the fit speaks for itself. So I won't go into that at all. These pants fit exceptionally well in the quad (front of leg area). This is an area that I struggle to get to fit well, as my leg tends to be large in the quad and small in the back. That can seriously restrict movement. But these are perfect.

I will end up doing a thin leg adjustment on the back. Not a lot, just enough to pull it in just a touch under my butt. As you can see, I have butt curve, just no back leg.

I did skip ALL the fun pockets as I wanted to check these for fit, I do foresee a pair in every color of French Terry that Simply By Ti has. I think I can just check off the box for shorts for this summer!

I do have one complaint and it is strictly a style complaint. The front and back yoke do not match up at the side seam. This is clearly intentional, as it is mentioned all over the place in the instructions. This makes it challenging to use my coverstitch machine for all the topstitching. However, it won't stop me from sewing up a bunch.

What's the best part about these pants? They're perfect to wear with my crop tops! WOOT!

These pants have definitely helped me find my zen. Which are your perfect pants?

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