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E+M becomes Petitboo

When I joined the E+M becomes Petitboo blog tour, I knew I was in for a treat. E+M is the kind of designer that makes old school seamstr...

When I joined the E+M becomes Petitboo blog tour, I knew I was in for a treat. E+M is the kind of designer that makes old school seamstresses hearts sing. Why? Amazing finishing. Honestly, knit t-shirts don't need fancy finishing, but she does it anyway. And that is something that is seriously lacking from other designers.

Now, if you know me, I'm all about fast, faster, fastest. That means that I skipped all the fancy finishing. But if I ever wanted to make something to give as a really nice gift, I might take the extra steps to make everything look nice.

For today's review I picked the Heather Dress.  That really is a misnomer because this is WAY more than a dress. Options:

Regular Hem
Hi-lo hem

Regular hem
Hi-lo hem
Banded Waist dress
Neckline variations
Back Variations
Tie Back

Flutter Cap Sleeve

With so many choices, I wasn't sure what to pick. Thankfully this isn't my size and I just had to ask my daughter what style parts she liked. She picked the Hi-low Hem Top with pleated neckline, regular back and sleeveless.

Next we had to pick out colors. This is a top that definitely shines with contrast parts so we went with a fuchsia body and purple bands. I only wish I had had a beautiful tiny floral print for the bands instead as I think it would really shine here.

This pattern uses beautiful binding for the keyhole back and neckline. It looks super professional. While I didn't do the flutter cap sleeve this time, I love how it is sandwiched between the sleeve band and the top. That serves to finis the armscye and attach the flutter cap sleeve in one step. It also allows for nice top stitching.

I love that this pattern is a unique twist on the every day t-shirt. But it isn't so over the top that it can't be worn every day. As Simply By Ti gets their next shipment of fabrics in, I'm sure I'll find some fun prints to use as neckbinding so I can make a whole bunch of these.

Looking to stock up on some amazing patterns? E+M is combining her two shops and becoming Petitboo. Use the code PETITBOO50 at their etsy shop to save 50% 

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  1. Super cute as always. I look forward to my son being interested in picking out patterns for me to make him.

  2. Both this top and skirt you made, so adorable! Your daughter did a fantastic job with her selection of fabric and style she wanted you to make for her! Thanks for being on the tour with us!


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