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Rad Patterns Super Suit

I was so worried that I had missed the Super Suit Release sale and wasn't going to get you good content in time. BUT, Rad Patterns has a...

I was so worried that I had missed the Super Suit Release sale and wasn't going to get you good content in time. BUT, Rad Patterns has a sale for the 9k members celebration. So don't miss that this weekend!

On to the review.

When I saw that Rad Patterns was releasing a new swimsuit pattern I had my paypal ready to purchase it the minute it released. I had such a great experience with the Lucky Lingerie Bra that I knew this would be just as good.

Let's start with my measurements. Over bust 35, full bust 39, underbust 31, waist 31, hips 38. That puts me all over the Rad Patterns chart. Medium Large Bust, small underbust, medium waist, small hips. There is one measurement that is missing from the chart that I wish was there. That would be "girth". Girth refers to the measurement from 1 shoulder, under the crotch and then to the next shoulder. This measurement would have helped me know EXACTLY how much to remove from the body to get the right length.

The pattern does include a suggestion of how to determine how much length to add/remove if you are shorter/taller than the pattern was drafted for. I did try this method with my muslin. I crossed my fingers and hoped. That left me with a suit that was too short. Why? Because I am short in my over bust and at my waist. However, from waist to crotch I am average sized. So, my muslin was wearable but it didn't hit under my bust where I needed it to provide bust support. So, as always plan to make a muslin.

I have to admit, I wasn't optimistic about having a strapless suit. My bust is large and has no oomph left of its own. With the thin elastic that is put in the overbust, I wasn't able to achieve a strapless suit that wasn't going to result in me pulling it up repeatedly. Maybe it is my own fear of a wardrobe malfunction and it would be fine. But since I actually like swimming and have kids that like to hang on me in the water, straps were the better option no matter what. It would definitely be doable for a sunsuit, which I have no interest in. The pattern recommends trying on your straps before stitching them down. I did this. However, I forgot to adjust for the "sag" that happens over time, versus how it looks when you first put it on. My recommendations are to either put elastic in the seam allowance of your straps, OR wear your pinned on straps for at least 30 minutes before you stitch them down. That way you get a good feel for whether you need to pull them tighter.

Ultimately, I ended up removing 1" from the natural waist (my usual length adjustment) and found the length was then perfect. I blended my underbust to waist and then hip and got a much less curvy line which was exactly what fit my body.

The brief front is definitely very high. So don't forget to clean up your bikini line before wearing this out. 😏 I did not try the boy short, but if you prefer to be more "natural" that would be a better option.

I have to admit, I LOVE the fact that Rad Patterns gives the different bust options. It makes it so easy to get a good fit with minimal adjustments. I can't imagine trying to adjust the bust on a swimsuit pattern on my own. The number of muslins would be frustrating! I do really like this suit and it is the first time that I was REALLY happy with a swimsuit after just 1 muslin. I'm definitely considering sewing up the Lucky Lingerie as a swim top and using the high waisted swim bottoms from the Super Suit for the bottoms. We'll see if I ever get to that.

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  1. your suit came out great, made me think Lisa Frank, ( and I love her) girth measurement is so important, even an average size often needs to be lengthened, in fact that's why I learned to make swim and dancewear, because my dds were slim, average height with long torsos


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