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Love Notions Sybil Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt

Ever since the #deepstashchallenge over at Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests  I've been taking the time to actually use the fabric and p...

Ever since the #deepstashchallenge over at Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests I've been taking the time to actually use the fabric and patterns that have been sitting around in my stash. It was finally time for me to make up the Love Notions Sybil. The Sybil is essential 7 different skirt styles in 2 different skirt lengths for 13 variations (1 version only comes in a single length). The Sybil is drafted for knits, but I've heard of people doing it in woven by adding a side zipper. I can neither confirm nor deny this, since I haven't tried it myself. (but you can bet I will try it).

But what I did was take the Sybil Skirt and I finally cut into my Girl Charlee Vegan Leather. I've had this fabric for at least 2 years. And just now I'm cutting it. But this project was perfection. Before I get there, let me talk about my muslin process.

For the Sybil Skirt Pattern, I blended from a medium waist to a small hip. This pattern is drafted to sit at the natural waist. I NEVER wear skirts at my natural waist. So I removed 3" from the rise instead to have the waist sit just above my high hip. I further shortened the skirt at the "shorten/lengthen" line to fit my petite body.

When it comes to fabric, you're going to get a very different fit in a stable knit like ponte, french terry and vegan leather than cotton lycra. So if you're using something softer definitely size down. The vegan leather definitely counts as stable!

The Sybil pattern includes a control panel waistband option. I didn't feel like messing with that. For my waistband I did something really sneaky. Simply By Ti just got in a stock of Under Armour Wickaway Fabric. The black is a super stable knit with 100% stretch and AMAZING recovery. It worked just like a control panel EXCEPT it didn't get sweaty! I have to admit, I may just hoard all the fabric we got in so I can make ALL my waistbands with this. Stable, not hot, not sweaty and not compressing. Just the perfect waistband.

I think this was the perfect skirt for casual or dress up. The asymmetrical gave the skirt additional interest, although I don't feel like a "leather" pencil skirt needs additional interest. I can't wait to style this many different ways and try the other skirt options included in the pattern.

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