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Suit Up For Summer

I am so excited to FINALLY get to share my Super Lucky Suit with you as part of the Suit Up For Summer Tour. Nothing is more stressful ...

I am so excited to FINALLY get to share my Super Lucky Suit with you as part of the Suit Up For Summer Tour.

Nothing is more stressful for most women than finding a swimsuit. I'm no different, promise. I have body parts that make me uncomfortable and worse, I'm petite with a large bust. My tops and bottoms don't fit size wise. And ordering separates for my bust size makes my wallet cry. You see, a tankini in my size runs around $85-115. And I like to have at least 2 swimsuits for the season, as when we swim, we often swim for multiple days in a row while staying in a hotel with no access to a washing machine/dryer. And even more truth, I don't even like tankinis! They tend to ride up on my body. So I don't even get the belly coverage that makes me feel comfortable.

So of course when the Rad Patterns Super Suit released, I knew it was my chance to have a one piece that would fit me. Why? Because Rad Patterns includes CUP sizing in her patterns. And I sewed up the Super Suit and was happy with the fit but not in love with the look. The bust shaping was just not my best look. My breasts are happy to sag. So what I need is "oomph" from below.

You know what is a great look for my bust? The Lucky Lingerie! The bust shaping and center cut out is sassy without being inappropriate. I love the peekaboo look. I ended up sort of mashing the center "bow" of the super suit onto the cut out of the lucky lingerie and got a lucky with a gathered center above the cut out.

The Super Suit and Lucky Lingerie mash together easily, with ZERO adjustments. So you can switch them out between the two patterns. That means strapless luckies can be an option. 😉

As for this suit. I REALLY like it. It is comfy, fits well and the straps feel better than the super suit. Now, I REALLY should take the time to make a suit with some compression fabric in the bust to prevent all this sag that I get. But I prefer to be comfy in my swimsuits. And I honestly go straight into the water, swim for a bit and then back up to my hotel room to get washed up. I'm not exactly lounging around for anyone to actually see me.

I want to apologize for these photos done INSIDE my house. Right now we have over a foot of snow on the ground. I'm no super model and too chicken to go outside in a swim suit with that much snow on the ground.

Special thanks to our sponsors. If you want to register for a chance to win one of the amazing prize packs (and I do recommend it of course), don't forget to check in with Sew Sophie Lynn or Paisley Roots as they have the rafflecopter html. (linked below).

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  1. Looks super cute. It's fun to find a suit that fits you really well.

  2. Fantastic suit! I really feel there is nothing more stressful than finding a suit come summertime. This looks fantastic and I love that you have something that is a perfect fit for your body. And no apologies needed for not standing in a foot of snow to be outside, no one needs to do that. :)


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