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5 out of 4 Shenanigans Skort

Making my way through my "Summer of No Pants," I've been thinking hard about things that I will actually wear. My biggest prob...

Making my way through my "Summer of No Pants," I've been thinking hard about things that I will actually wear. My biggest problem with no pants is that we're an active family in the summer. Trips to the park, hiking, walking trips. No matter what, I'm out and about. And having kids means that I constantly worry about flashing people my underwear. The quick answer to that is either wearing shorties under all my skirts (hot because too many layers) OR skorts.

So when 5 out of 4 had their big sale over Memorial Day I grabbed the Shenanigans Skort. This met all my criteria. 3 Skirt lengths, and SUPER fast to sew plus shorts for modesty.

The thing I love best about 5 out of 4 is that I wear the same size from top to bottom. With a 30" waist and 38" hip I had a choice between the size Small and XS. I went with the small, thinking that I would want the extra ease. I wish I had gone with the XS as I feel it would have been more flattering on my body.

The Shenanigan Skort is a super fast sew, EVEN if you add the flounce AND hem it. This was from cut to finish in under 45 minutes, including the shorties. I used the brand new Olive French Terry from Simply By Ti. It was a great match to this Olive Rayon Spandex Halla Stardust Tank.

The shorties include a gusset on the leggings. This means it would be easy to make these as a swim skirt by just adding lining to the gusset. The Shorties come in several lengths, so you use whatever level that fits your needs. I did the 3" inseam as I only needed coverage for under my skirt.

I DID NOT shorten this skirt, at all. The pattern includes finished skirt measurements and I knew that the mid rise, safe length with the added flounce was as short as I was willing to go. Even with my great legs, I don't think I'd feel comfortable wearing the "sporty spice" length, even with the flounce. That said, it would be VERY easy to extend the length of this skirt at the bottom if the prudence length wasn't long enough for you.

I used the midrise. This pattern suggests using elastic in the waistband. The waistband as drafted is measured to fit the high hip. The high hip plus the elastic would fit well. BUT, I didn't have the elastic needed for the pattern. So I tried just using my usual yoga waistband. EXCEPT I forgot to account for the awesomeness of this black under armour fabric. So, I cut it at 28" wide but should have done 24". So it is looser than I wanted, but it is still really comfy.

If I was going to do this pattern again (and I probably will), I need pockets. The easiest would be to add the pockets from the Zen Pants pattern, which is another 5 out of 4 pattern.

Overall, this is a great neutral item to add to my capsule. And being fast, means I can whip up another one in the Fuchsia French Terry and have 2 very versatile pieces.

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