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Its Getting Hot In Here: Cloth Habit Watson

You ready for it to Get Hot In Here? 😘 Ok, maybe not too hot, because I won't be modeling today's sews. I may be comfortable w...

You ready for it to Get Hot In Here? 😘

Ok, maybe not too hot, because I won't be modeling today's sews. I may be comfortable with my body, but I don't share photos that don't include full boob coverage.

As I was looking for something "new" to sew up, I stumbled on the Cloth Habit Watson. The Watson is a knit bra pattern. It has some of the same parts as a real bra (lots of elastics), but it skips the hardest parts (the channeling and underwire). Plus, you get to use up all your pretty scraps.

Back when I was still a breastfeeding mama, I wore a Watson basically every day. They were comfy, stretch to accommodate fluctuating sizes, and way prettier than the nursing bras I could find online. That's a win in any breastfeeding mama's book.

But, now that I've got not babies to feed milk, this is an amazing lounge bra. And I like it even better because I can use up random scraps. So these 2 bras are made from fabrics from Simply By Ti. The lining is french terry. The cups are cotton lycra with stretch lace.

I really like the pattern pieces, but I have a HUGE complaint about the sizing chart. The pattern has you pick the band size by taking your under bust plus 4". Every time I've done this (no matter what fabrics I use), the underbust band is HUGE. It provides zero support and my breasts hang off of my shoulders (ouch). Also, it barely touches my body and that is on the tightest bra hook. So, if you're going to make this, I suggest trying out the sizing based on how the pattern suggests, but be prepared to modify the width of the frame and back. Please note that the Watson is being updated to have a more consistent sizing. The pattern isn't changing, only the sizing charts.

I have also found the cup sizing to be inaccurate (but this is universally true for me). To get your cup size they use your full bust minus your overbust. Their measurement chart puts me in a size 36D (comparable to a 32 F in their sizing). My bra size is a 32GG. I find that with adjustments, I sew up their largest size, 32H. This is comparable to a 36F in their pattern.

Please note, that no matter your sizing, you need to be prepared to sew up a sample bra. The fabrics you are going to use play a HUGE part in what size will work best.

If you've never sewn a bra before, this tutorial is great. And once you've mastered this, you can feel confident that you're ready to attempt a "real" underwire bra. Whether the bloggers take the title literally and talk about their outfits for the heat of summer or delve into the actually lyrics, I'm sure there is going to be tons of inspiration.
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