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My Favorite Things: Halla Bliss

I have to admit that getting this post ready for the My Favorite (Sewing) things tour has been HARD! You see, there are so many things I ...

I have to admit that getting this post ready for the My Favorite (Sewing) things tour has been HARD! You see, there are so many things I love. Fabrics and patterns and styles and tools and #allthethings. So I had to narrow it down to just 1 or two things that are really my favorite.

Even choosing a favorite fabric was a challenge. So I'll give you two favorites instead. Favorite for Summer, Rayon Spandex. You probably already know my deep love for Rayon Spandex since the Simply By Ti fabric shop is FULL of rayon spandex. My second favorite (and it really only works for me in cooler weather) is double brushed poly. I have pre-orders going in the shop, if you feel the need. We've got cooler temperatures coming our way here in South Eastern Wyoming with highs in the upper 60's. I can't wait to break out my double brushed poly hoodie!

I could turn this into a round up of all my favorite patterns. But that would probably become unbearably long. Because I love so many different things! So instead, I picked my one crush pattern that I've been sewing compulsively lately. The Halla Bliss is my new crush.

The Halla Bliss is a half circle dress (or smaller for the maxi length). You can pick between a strapless bodice, halter, or yoked bodice, with or without sleeves. You also have the option between a smooth bodice or gathered bodice too! There are even several waistband options. And you can easily leave off the waistband.

I have so far made 2 "wearable" Blisses. My measurements are 35 over bust. 38 full bust. 31 waist. 38 hip. By those measurements, I should have probably gone with the 10/12, but because of how I liked the fit of the agnes, I went with the 6/8, which is 36/28/38.5.  I did my usual length adjustments above the bust, at the waist and then at the skirt.

I did NOT do a full bust adjustment. I found that with the softer stretch of the Simply By Ti rayon spandex, I can usually fudge that 1-2" from the stretch of the fabric. IF I was going to do this in cotton lycra, I would do the full bust adjustment.

When I first tried on the strapless, I realized I was afraid that the band on the top would not be snug. I did not "try" it out. I just said, this doesn't feel snug enough and I put a 1" elastic, the same length as the band, inside the band. This seemed to create the right amount of tension for me. You might notice the bright pink straps peeking out of my strapless bodice. No, that is not some super cool hack. That is just my bring pink bra. ๐Ÿ‘™This dress definitely makes me think I should invest in a real strapless bra though. The strapless lines actually draw the eye AWAY from my shoulders.

After the huge success of the strapless version I was eager to try the yoked version. I was a little unsure about whether the curved yoke would soften my shoulders or just make them look wider, but I was willing to try. As far as fit, I feel like the yoke is just a touch too wide in the front. I'll take that in when I make my next one.

As for style, strapless one gets 2 thumbs up from me. I like the slightly longer skirt length and the fact that the skirt won't so easily fly up above my head. Until I invest in a strapless bra though, this probably won't be a regular style for me.

The curved yoke looks fabulous on the front but widens my back. ๐Ÿ˜• I'll probably just mash the yoke onto the back bodice and use the yoke on the front only. That said, since I can't see my own back, I'll wear it as is.

I was really surprised to find that I like the color blocked waistband. I thought this might look strange, or cut my body off in a weird place, but it works really well. I can't wait for the double brushed poly to arrive in my shop, so I can make a sleeved version that will be able to take me through winter.

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