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A few weeks ago, I did something that I said I would NEVER do. I joined an MLM. Shocking right? MLM is NOT my style. I have to admit, I deba...

A few weeks ago, I did something that I said I would NEVER do. I joined an MLM. Shocking right? MLM is NOT my style. I have to admit, I debated with myself for months over this. I changed my mind so many times. I said, yes. Then I said no. Then I said yes. UGH. Finally, I decided that this decision was eating me up. It was time to just say yes.

Who was my MLM of choice? Younique. I placed my first order for Younique back in March. I NEEDED the 3D lashes. I figured it would be just like all my other make up purchases. I would try this product, and feel "meh" and that was it.

I certainly did not expect to fall in love. But, for the first time in my life, I was wearing mascara daily and my eye lashes were not falling out. I had thought that mascara meant lashes falling out. That it was just part of wearing mascara. Apparently, I was wrong.

My first order also included Moodstruck Eye Shadow and their Lip Stain too. I just wanted to use the Kudos (the monthly special deal) and get free shipping. #notsorry. After trying both, I found myself a bit addicted.

In May, I threw a Younique Party for myself. I was the only one that ordered and I got to try all new stuff. Lip gloss, eye liners and brow liner. Every time I ordered, I tried something new. Every time I ordered something new, I found new products to love. I have to admit, this was getting expensive!

In June, I was again placing an order. I wanted to try everything. And thanks to Facebook live and youtube videos, I was learning how to use these products!  I wasn't just sticking to my super basic looks. I was trying new things. Fun things. Fancy things and every day things. What is a girl to do? Of course the answer is to become a presenter yourself.

You're probably thinking. "That's great Ti. But what does that have to do with your sewing blog? Because make-up isn't sewing."

You're absolutely right. Make-up is not sewing. But we sew to feel good about our selves and our bodies and make-up (if you chose) can be one of the things you use to dress up (or down) your new sews. But, I don't want you to feel like I'm selling to you. Nope, that isn't cool.

What it does mean, is that I'll include a list of make-up products that I have used at the end of my blog posts. Want to copy the look. Head over and buy the products. Not interested, ignore it. Want to buy specifically from me, use my specific link. I appreciate it. And, if you want free shipping, reach out. Chances are, I'm ready to place an order myself and would be happy to ship your products to you, free.

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